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Mars City Security mod wins editors choice award for the best multiplayer Mod 2015

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Article : http://www.moddb.com/mods/mars-city-security/news/mars-city-security-2016-post-release-summary/

Oneofthedevilz said:

Fellow MCS fans,

we would like to thank everyone for the amazing online PVE & PVP matches during and after the release of MCS version, helping us stress-test this build worldwide in all its glory.

All that positive feedback from community members and new players alike, confirmed our dedication in having spent all the time and resources to bring MCS to its current state.

Special thanks go out to the modDB staff members, who were always very supportive throughout the development and "man!" were we positively surprised to win the editors choice award for the best multiplayer Mod 2015. That truly was the icing on the cake after the public release !

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