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The Doom Comic as a level

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So a while back I finally read the Doom Comic and thought that it might work pretty well as a quick speedrun style map. I think it turned out pretty good.

The map runs as its own episode (doesn't replace any maps). This means you need a port capable of reading ZDoom MAPINFO and episode definitions. Uses "Going Down the Fast Way" from RoTT by Lee Jackson as the music.

Enjoy guys. See how fast you can complete the map!

Download here:

You can read the Doom Comic here:

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2:33, 97% kills, 33% secrets. Was an interesting experience going quickly through a level. It's something I've experimented a little bit with, but want to experiment more. With your level, going fast was a self imposed thing, but I like the idea of forcing the player to move forward and go quickly, or at least rewarding them for doing so.

I wasn't in the level for long but it was fun. From memory the things that stuck out:

I saw the cyberdemon on the way in but ran past it. It didn't aggro - I didn't stick around to figure out why. I played a second time to have a look and it just stands there. Maybe it'd be better to block off that area so that you can see the cyberdemon and it aggros, but it can't get to the player. Then on the way back you can open it and have the fight.

The next fight in the dark room wasn't great because I couldn't see any of the enemies, so I was just shooting into darkness. I think there should be more light somehow - lights in the roof that only light small areas of the floor, or lights in the wall so you can see the enemies in contrast against a bright background, or make the light switch more accessible, or something.

I think the elevator to get the plasmagun should be bigger. I didn't want to fight the cacodemons from down below with the weapons I had so I got the lift up, but was then right next to the cacodemons. This was my choice of course, but it just felt a little awkward.

The fight in the BFG room was a surprise initially (lots of enemies!!!), but it essentially involved standing in the small doorway shooting a plasma gun and reopening the door when it closed - not particularly engaging. Maybe have more than one door so that the monsters have a chance to get through? And maybe the door shouldn't close, because at the moment it closes multiple times during the fight and it's annoying to get your shots blocked.

I hope this helps :)

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I just looked at the comic and I understand what you were doing wit the cyberdemon bit now :P I still think some creative license is in order so that it makes more sense in the context of the game.

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The cyberdemon just not responding to the player at all is a nice throwback to the comic, you could have made it dormant and made the exit door open upon its death.

Found all secrets, saved the invuln for the cyber fight at the end.

I ran the map using only the berserk punch for everything, except the first baron (didn't want to be radioactive for too long, because that can't be good!), the cacos, and of course the cyberdemon was killed with the BFG, as is right and proper.

(Berserk-punching a barrel can be done safely in ZDoom if you backpedal and the barrel has some room to travel when pushed back by your punch.)

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I ran through it vanilla. Loved it.

I ran through it with Brutal Doom. I laughed hysterically.

I played through it with Project Brutality; I think I may have died laughing.

Oh and then I ran through it with Demonsteele. Why? For the LOLZ! =D

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