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Will the PC version have conventional weapon selection?

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It would be great if this feature can be disabled depending on which difficulty level you choose .

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hardcore_gamer said:

Not a big fan of the slow-mo weapon wheel. Do you think the PC version will allow for conventional weapon selection?

I can't find the article but I am quite sure Marty said we would be able to select weapons conventionally.

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While I'm not holding my breath for it, it would be nice if you could disable it on console too. I can count taps of a button a lot faster than I can use any damn weapon wheel. Or alternatively map the weapons to the D-Pad similar to the XBox/PS3 ports of Half-Life 2.

For a game promising to never slow down the action, that's exactly what the weapon wheel does. It was one of my only gripes about Wolfenstein TNO simply because I'd have to go hide just to make sure I selected the right weapon; trying to do it on the fly would result in picking the wrong gun half the time.

Like I said, I'm not holding my breath on console. I hope you PC gurus get it though; eventually I'll be joining your ranks again

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A bunch of the recent previews confirmed that you can use the number keys to select weapons for the PC version. I believe that PCGames.de article confirmed it.

On the other hand, console users can use the new "quick swap" feature, which allows you to flick the analog switch to the weapon without any slowdown. The previews say it works well, but we'll see.

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Cacockcansukmycok said:

I know man I just hope they added this up probably would looks like more interesting.

I hope the first PC mod to come out is the classic Doom hud. The face, numbers, everything!
Although there's more ammo types (I think) aside from "Bull, Shell, Rckt, Cell" so that would have to be tweaked.

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What's so special about the face mugshot? (i mean no offense in this question, just an innocent one), I usually go and immerse myself, that's why I always choose the alternative hud during my playthroughs with zdoom. For me the mugshot is kinda distracting and takes up space on the screen and makes no sense what so ever for a helmet visor to have one unless you want you check your hair and face every so often. What's so appealing with this type of hud rather than a simpler hud that doesn't take much space and doesn't distract you but rather just displays enough symbols without cramming everything in one or different spots in the screen?

again, I mean no offense with this question so read before you reply, okay? Please.

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HellVain said:

What's so special about the face mugshot? (i mean no offense in this question, just an innocent one)[...]

Thanks for being so polite about it :)
I'm guessing it boils down to it being art and some people are nostalgic about it.

I quite like any game that has an animated Hud face - it kinda says that the artists cared so much about this game that they bothered to put it in, despite it basically just amounting to a bit of animated eye candy and maybe hints of a personality in your player character(s).

Maybe I like it because it makes the HUD stand out and gives it a bit more of its own identity rather than just being a generic HUD from any generic FPS that tries so hard to be unobtrusive, while sacrificing nice looking artwork in the process.

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That's a really weird reasoning. The less clutter on the screen the better, it's bad enough we look at the gameworld through a 'window'. I hope those gigantic HUDs never come back.

As for the weapon selection, why wouldn't the PC version allow you to switch weapons through numerical keys or a mouse wheel? I've never seen a shooter that would exclude that on a PC just because a console version has a slow-mo weapon wheel.

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