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Calibrating Joysticks via Command Line, Under Linux?

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I'll give this one the "wtf" because never in my life have I never needed to calibrate a joystick under any OS aside of Windows, but now all of a sudden on my Raspberry Pi, I find my self needing to do this under ZDOOM, but ZDOOM alone thus far.

I don't know why, but the analogs are always off and running without me pressing a thing. Having looked up this issue for Linux in genral, I see there are GUI based soltuions for this, but considering that I'm using RetroPie and command line is what the system is hosted, I will be needing a command line solution. Is there one, or some other way to right this?

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jscal is the usual recommended commandline prog for calibration, can't say it's been too useful for me but you should give it a try.

Also try jstest, or something to make sure it's actually a problem of calibration, and not Linux being dumb about detecting what the centre position of your joypad is, which has happened to me more than once. If it's the latter then I can help you with that, I don't have the info handy right at this moment though.

What kind of pad/stick is it?

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