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Technical differences with glides/rocket jumps between source ports?

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I just did my first successful Doom II MAP07 rocket jump after months today, in Zdoom, also I mastered guided glides - in GZdoom.

I can't do the rocket jump in GZdoom, nor can I do the glides in Zdoom, my settings are the same between ports, down to my mouse sensitivity, so I was hoping to gain some insight into the technical differences between various source ports that make certain tricks easier or harder. I remember hearing some twitch streamers talk about how doing a certain trick was harder or easier on certain source ports as well.

Am I imagining this or is it really a thing, and if it is a thing any information would be helpful, and if you have specific information on how I could adapt one trick to the other source port, or maybe offer a port where both tricks are more consistent, I'm all ears. Thanks!

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Your issue there is entirely placebo. Both ZDoom and GZDoom have the same underlying playsim (yes, this is an absolute), so any trick you can do in one you can do in the other (sans anything that requires full 90 degree mouselook, although there's not an awful lot of tricks you can do with that).

What you can't do it exchange tricks between vanilla based ports (PRBoom+, Eternity, etc) and G/ZDoom, as ZDoom's physics simulation has bug fixes and is a lot more precise, so glides and other physics anomalies you can achieve in vanilla you are unlikely to accomplish in ZDoom.

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Danfun64 said:

Maybe the issue isn't entirely a placebo. What versions of ZDoom and GZDoom are you using?

GZdoom 1.8.2

Zdoom 2.7.1

It could very well be a placebo, after all I just learned the tricks tonight you know? I appreciate the quick responses here though.

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Glides and rocket jumps in IWADs should be done with a vanilla based sourceport like prboom, dosbox, chocolate doom, competition doom, etc.

I assume you've probably heard that arch-vile jumps are easier on certain sourceports, since in (G)Zdoom I believe you can move against the wall you want to get up, while that would fail otherwise. The only other case I can think of is map 14 of doom 2 rocket jump, which is trivial in zdoom.

I am surprised you managed to get the rocket jump on map 07 using zdoom, I've done it well over 1000 times and I had trouble when I checked to see if it was possible in zdoom. The rocket timing had to be much more exact and I think the same was needed for the position, but I didn't look too much into it.

Guided glides are possible in zdoom, guideless glides not so much afaik. It's actually a bit easier to learn I think in zdoom, since it doesn't require vertical mouse movement or anything else, you just need to find the exact angle and run forward. However, it's much more difficult to do quickly because finding the exact angle is much more difficult in zdoom. I tested that on map 16 and map 21 of doom 2.

Grabbing items through walls doesn't work afaik in (G)Zdoom either, not sure about linedef skips either, never tried any of them.

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For me glides in ZDoom is almost unreal just because you move perfectly straight. In original Doom you always move a little on right side and it's helps to stuck in the gap.

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