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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #241 - Unholy Realms (Part I revisited)

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This week we return to Unholy Realms to replay this megawad which features not only very fun action-packed gameplay but also some well-designed maps. Deservedly, it was among the 2013 Cacowards winners and now it's time for us to enjoy what this wad offers.

DMFLAGS: 1174487140 / 806496256 / 0
IWAD: doom2 or freedoom080
PWADs: ur_final-idgames
Maps: 01-15, 31-32
Lives: 1
Players: 25/100
Item Respawn Time: 60 Seconds
Player Join Limit: 3 Minutes

Date: 24th March 2016

Euro session: 19:00 GMT/15:00 EDT at Ducks, Czech Republic (usually lasts 6-8 hours, sometimes much longer)

Get ZDaemon and join in.

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Making the above post brought some nostalgia into my mind as this is the first time we will revisit a wad where I attended the original session. Come celebrate with me as I officially become a TNS veteran :')

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I only very recently discovered this wad, but it really is well designed and looks damn good to boot. I've got a long weekend, so for the first time in an eternity, I may actually make it to TNS this time around!

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Glad to hear it Doomkid :D I just hope the Australia-Europe ping won't be too bothersome

Perhaps it's time to remember ZimmerFrame_Doomer's finest hour in TNS, where he accidentally teleported twelve players into a nukage pit.


Keyboard_Doomer: oh lol, that's a one-time tele
by-Zero mutated.
Keyboard_Doomer: erm, by-zero pls give coordinates from idmypos
> rcon puke 501 -10 -186 0
by-Zero: (x,y,z) = (192, -416, -128)
Caleb13: gah, where is doom builder
> rcon puke 502 192 -416 -128
Arch-buster: how about mass kill everyone
Kasperi01: RESET
> rcon puke 503
Keyboard_Doomer mutated.
[SDA]Krawa mutated.
Vaisselle mutated.
AnimaZero mutated.
huzdemak: TRUE
zeaz mutated.
AnimaZero: xD
Choft: rofffl
Arch-buster mutated.
Keyboard_Doomer: oh lol
Vaisselle: nice
Bill_du_Texas mutated.
by-Zero: L    ÖÖ   L
by-Zero: L   O  O  L
by-Zero: LLL  OO   LLL
zeaz: heh
Choft: that's even worst than the rap
time99 mutated.
[BAH]Lekkus: hmm sounds bad
[SDA]Krawa: L    ÖÖ   L
[SDA]Krawa: L   O  O  L
Arch-buster: xD
[SDA]Krawa: LLL  OO   LLL
biogen: bwahaahahahhhahahhahaahaahaahhahahaahha
aprosekin mutated.
Choft: ppool just got 10 kills
Choft: or kd
Keyboard_Doomer: lol, I thought you teleported :D
AnimaZero: Keyboard you fucking dick that was the best thing ever xD
Choft: ld got 10 kills
by-Zero: i didnt tele
[SDA]Krawa: suicide teleport HEHE
Keyboard_Doomer: oh lol
biogen: lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll
Choft: now i don't feel so bad about going into the barrles anymore
AnimaZero: Oh god I'm laughing my ass off right now
AnimaZero: also 11
by-Zero: xd
Caleb13 mutated.
Vaisselle: gg
huzdemak: TRUE
Choft: gg
AnimaZero: 12
[BAH]Lekkus should have stood back.
Caleb13: gj kd

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That was indeed my finest hour in TNS that will most likely never be surpassed. And it was my first session as a full-time TNS admin as well :D My only regret is you weren't among my victims, Eris :P

This week's session will also be Eris' 100th TNS so there will be two of us celebrating a milestone and that's one more reason to come :)

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We also added map16 and map17 to the maplist for tonight because things were going a bit too fast. The rest of the maps should still leave enough fodder for the second sessions.

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A BFG made out of BFGs!

and the eraser for his drawing

Everything is under control

...like, really under control (fuck archviles in love mode)

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I really enjoyed this TNS, even though I was only there for a bit over an hour - It's a damn shame I'm usually at work during them, I had fun! Damn challenging, too. :)

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Session statistics for this week:

First blood:
ErisFalling | in MAP04, burned by an imp 47 seconds after joining

First blood in subsequent rotas:
2nd rota (-fast and 2x damage): AD_79 | burned by an imp 21 seconds after joining
3rd rota (random damage): [XXX]mrbrown93 | killed by a zombieman 8 seconds after joining
(Starting with map07 monster respawn was added - with monsters from the same class respawning in place of the original ones.)
4th rota (total randomization): ErisFalling | couldn't dodge a destructor's rocket 10 seconds after joining
5th rota (total randomization and random damage): CooLiBoP | in MAP02, smitten by a cacodemon 45 seconds after joining
6th rota (standard randomization): ErisFalling | burned by an imp 50 seconds after joining
7th rota (standard randomization and random damage): sid0rv | in MAP02, mauled by a Mauler Demon 18 seconds after joining

Peak server population:

Overall number of players that connected during the session:

Player death counts by obituaries (1st rota/2nd rota/3rd rota/4th rota/5th rota/6th rota/7th rota):

    20 killed themselves. (0/0/2/1/4/9/4)
    162 died. (2/1/24/23/43/40/29)
    23 mutated. (5/10/1/3/2/1/1)
    1 was squished. (0/0/1/0/0/0/0)
    4 went boom. (1/1/0/0/0/0/2)
    78 should have stood back. (10/10/24/4/9/19/2)
    12 were killed by a zombieman. (1/1/4/0/3/1/2)
    104 were shot by a sergeant. (0/30/42/0/5/6/21)
    164 were perforated by a chaingunner. (2/38/51/2/9/36/26)
    12 were slashed by an imp. (1/3/7/0/1/0/0)
    106 were burned by an imp. (2/69/29/0/0/4/2)
    41 were bit by a demon. (1/23/10/0/1/2/4)
    38 were eaten by a spectre. (0/14/14/0/0/3/7)
    31 were spooked by a lost soul. (0/5/8/1/7/8‌/2)
    15 got too close to a cacodemon. (0/2/6/0/1/5/1)
    141 were smitten by a cacodemon. (3/68/31/0/6/11/22)
    11 were punched by a revenant. (0/3/4/0/1/3/0)
    138 couldn't evade a revenant's fireball. (10/77/35/2/4/6/4)
    81 were squashed by a mancubus. (1/52/15/0/2/10/1)
    38 let an arachnotron get them. (1/20/7/1/0/8/1‌)
    6 were gutted by a Hell Knight. (1/2/2/0/0/0/1)
    68 were splayed by a Hell Knight. (4/36/15/2/3/6/2)
    1 was ripped open by a Baron of Hell. (0/0/0/0/0/1/0)
    17 were bruised by a Baron of Hell. (0/5/1/1/5/4/1)
    100 were incinerated by an archvile. (7/48/8/9/19/5/4)
    10 stood in awe of the spider demon. (1/4/1/0/1/0/3)
    82 were splattered by a cyberdemon. (3/7/17/20/20/8/7‌)
    4 were surprised by the zombie's weaponry. (0/0/0/0/2/0/2)
    50 were mauled by a Mauler Demon. (0/0/4/1/1/17/27)
    0 were charred by a pain soul. (0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
    4 were melted by a pain soul. (0/0/0/3/0/1/0)
    6 suffered psychic trauma from an aracnorb's brainwaves. (0/0/0/1/4/1/0)
    39 were perforated by an Arachnophyte. (0/0/0/8/30/1/0)
    238 couldn't dodge a destructor's rocket. (0/1/0/104/119/11/3)
    5 were terminated by the Badass Cyberdemon. (0/0/0/3/1/0/1)
    1850 deaths overall. (56/530/363/189/303/227/182)
Session lasted for 18 hours and 1 minute and ended in the 7th rota with the last map played being MAP10. Last finished map was MAP09.

top 11 players with most deaths (deaths/joins, death ratio):
ErisFalling               167/204, 81.86%
fred512                  166/211, 78.67%
Keyboard_Doomer  111/179, 62.01%
Malfunction              88/117, 75.21%
The_Hat                  66/90,   73.33%
HD9                        57/70,   81.43%
DaIcemann76          47/70,   67.14%
valkiriforce              46/68,   67.65%
sid0rv                     46/75,   61.33%
Salty                      37/48,   77.08%
rhinoduck               37/56,   66.07%

party poopers:
BlooditeKrypto         3/37,  8.11%
Choft                      2/35,  5.71%

Not a single join from these guys on map14 in pain rotation. They just watched their teammates getting annihilated. Shame, shame, shame.
Don't be like these guys, don't poop at the parties.

Of course, with Salty's presence Reality mode during random damage was abused once again for some teamkilling orgy. Bringing you the teamkills statistics again:

41 Salty
11 ErisFalling
  7 soierfenix
  4 Keyboard_Doomer
  4 sid0rv
  3 [DTU]Cuervo
  3 rhinoduck
  2 HD9
  1 [ADD]ooawesome
  1 Bardur
  1 CooLiBoP
  1 fred512
  1 Malfunction
  1 [ok]KAL

6th longest session and only the 3rd time in TNS history we got to 7th rotation. It sure was an eventful and fun Doom gathering.

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