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France VS Italy on Zandro replay stream

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Could you be a bit more specific about what you wanna know ?

I can answer questions long as they are precise enough to be understandable ...

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I mean under idea "france vs italy", id imagine playing best players vs best players but from this list, i can actually know maybe fsn and jcd. Jcd is speedrunner tho. Italy are some unknown players. Nice stream anyway.

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Well JCD is notjust a speedrunner ^^

But yeah it was an off the hook scrimm with an all french team on one side and all italian on the other side. Oh and Xsnake is not an unknown french one as well. He's been out of the loop for a while but stillhe isa great player ^^

Anyway Ch0ww and I still think that we can improve on things visually hope to heaar some criticisms coming our way ^^

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