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william gee

My First DooM map

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Neat setup you have going. You have a bit of an abstract design going, which is always nice to see.

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Is this wad intended for and tested with (G)ZDoom only, or did you take compatibility with classic ports into account and test in PrBoom-plus / Chocolate Doom / vanilla?

You know, compatibility is quite a big deal on the Doom mapping scene, and it's good to know for every map what's the actual lowest compatible engine that can properly play it.

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As far as I know it should work vanilla, but Ive been playing it on zdoom.
Yes it is my first map, not my just my first release but the first doom map I have made.

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william gee said:

As far as I know it should work vanilla, but Ive been playing it on zdoom.

When a newbie says this, the map almost always turns out to be broken in ports other than ZDoom, due to usage of so-called "zdoomisms" which are design choices doable under vanilla editing configuration but only working properly in ZDoom, for example zero-tagged S1/SR/W1/WR/G1/GR-activated sectors, or special linedefs directly in front of switches that block attempts to press use on them, or too much onscreen detail exceeding vanilla's static limits. I'll try to play your map in vanilla (or possibly PrBoom-plus -complevel 2) anyway and let you know how it ends up.

EDIT: Wait a moment - is the map supposed to be loaded with both Doom and Doom 2 IWADs? It seems to be using Doom 1 specific textures, but you said to load it with Doom 2, and the wad contains both E1M1 and MAP01 for some reason. If that's the case, then I can already tell that it's not vanilla compatible.

EDIT2: If I play the wad with Doom 1 in vanilla, it works, if I play it with Doom 2, it doesn't. The Doom 1 E1M1 version of the map seems to be smaller than the Doom 2 MAP01 version, though. And I couldn't find out what to do after getting past yellow doors. Is the map exitable?

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Thanks for your reply.

I didn't know how to remove the E1M1 from the wad so I just left it there after changing it over to DooM2 to MAP01 And textures over to DooM2

No E1M1 has no Exit it is half of MAP01
MAP01 has a exit

I guess it requires a port then. I used Zandronun.

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Made some improvements, added difficulty settings, learned how to change music, improved gameplay and shading.
Next is to learn how to make outside areas and add textures.


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