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This Shotgun Should Be in Doom

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Glaice said:

1) Recoil would fuck you over

But the triple-barreled chaingun is fine? :P

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I would prefer to see a KS-23 in a game. It's a Russian 23MM bore shotgun with a rifled barrel, so it's also considered a carbine. The barrels are made from anti-aircraft barrels that aren't quite up to spec for using in artillery. That equates to 6.27 gauge American/British or 4 gauge European. In game it would probably be able to replace the double barrel 12 gauge. I have a double barrel 10 gauge, and firing both barrels at the same time sounds and feels like the apocalypse, I can't imagine what firing a 6 gauge would be like.

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i like if it shoots all the bullets at once like with the original ss

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