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Anyone familiar with the Apocalypse Project?

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Around 4 years ago, I found a 9-level WAD from some Ultra DOOM CD which basically had lots of DOOM crap, called the Apocalypse Project, by Daniel Hornbaker. (originally I had to play all the levels using a shareware DOOM EXE with the WAD from Chex Quest, which was awful, but that's another story... but I think it was still rather stupid to have the full version of DOOM on that CD with 5 levels and all the textures changed. Is that even legal?) I played through it and I thought some of the levels were pretty spectacular. However, there were a lot of minor details and errors present, mainly mismatched textures. Also, E1M9 bombs to DOS on BOOM, Eternity, ZDoom, whatever, when you get to a certain point in the level, though it works okay with normal DOOM (I think.....)
A few years ago, I also started to mess with the WAD a little bit on my own... I tried to fix it up a bit, and I added some start and intermission screens. Right now it's floating around in the bit bucket because the hard drive crashed where I had all my work.
So, I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else had played this WAD...

Anyway, the file is at:

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Ah, that and UAC_Dead were the first WADs I'd ever played. Those two were probably the first attempts at realism out there, too.

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