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Help - launch wad files?

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So I want to try Hexen and a WAD file I found with cool weapon mods.
I tried Vavoom 1.31 but it doesn't have a menu to select wads.. it just loads Hexen right away...
What's the best app to use for this? I tried doomsday but it had problems so I couldn't even use it..

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First of all, we need to know what these weapon mods are. They may not be compatible with vavoom or doomsday.

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Most weapon mods are compatible with (G)ZDoom or Zandronum only.

This is how you can launch wads from the command line:

sourceport_filename -iwad iwad_filename -file pwad_filename(s) gameplay_mod_filename(s)
For example:
zdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file av.wad bdv20b.pk3
Execute the command from the sourceport's directory. All wad/pk3 files you're trying to launch should be in that directory too.

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