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Alien symbols/banners?

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Some of the recently updated decorations and pickups reminded me of the style of Strife. Among other things, there are those Order banner props, and the Sigil symbol of the Order is generally pretty omnipresent in the game.

I was thinking that perhaps the aliens could have something like a symbol too? So far there's only the AGM Moebius band logo, and the stone faces and occult symbols which are basically stand-ins for their Doom counterparts. I suppose that a distinct alien symbol (or a set of symbols) could add to the atmosphere of the game.

What do you think?

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I like that Freedoom is going in this direction, but if we give the aliens iconography, could it be slightly demonic/lovecraftian just as a vague nod to Doom? After all, these aliens are worm-like monstrosities. It doesn't have to be overtly grotesque, but if we can strike a balance between the game being its own entity while still feeling Doom-like, that would be the best of both worlds, imo.

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