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Once the Al Button has been pressed, there's no stopping until it's done

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Fair dinkum, that's a surprise! Cheers, Pinchy :)

FDA and commentary inbound. I wonder if Easter and birthday combined will double the number of eggs??

EDIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ky9nzkbl6m9dv24/fdafonz-button.lmp?dl=1. I die twice, once in embarrassing circumstances. Pinchy knows I love barrels and herding/manipulating monsters, and this map has it in droves, thanks in part to a tactful lack of ammunition. I love the persistent traps and how it pushes you forward with each challenge. In combination with the progression it makes for a frenetic little fight up the side of the mountain. I liked it - Cool!

By the way, I do appreciate the implication that I'm wealthy enough to afford a prime bit of real estate on a mountain somewhere, but I assure you my actual living conditions are a bit less fantastic. I am currently lying splayed across the floor in my bedroom; the dearth of chairs is pressing.

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