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SNES-CD BIOS unveiled; and TCRF doesn't have a page for it.

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Maybe the video of two dudes going 'woo who cares' wasn't the best choice. It's also kind of disappointing to learn that this was literally an SNES with a CD drive at this point. Even the Mega CD had some kind of extra hardware to it.

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I would love it if somebody one day made a hybrid snes and psx using their respective original hardware.

edit: I wonder what would have happened if, like what Nintendo did with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color, Nintendo made black SNES cartridges that could go up to 64MB and be played on an SNES, but when played on a Nintendo Playstation would have access to its features. They could have been called Playstation Minus cartridges.

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I don't think the SNES CD idea was that bad overall, SNES games with cd-quality music and more frames of animation in games like Street Fighter II would have been welcome, back then anyway.

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