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Li'l devil

Creepy videogame music

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Every fucking song in Drakengard for the PS2. That game seems to have subscribed to the Aubrey Hodges school of taking random samples and placing them in unnerving, cacophonous arrangements. Only difference is, Drakengard likes to do it with classical music snippets as opposed to pingpong matches.

Wouldn't sound out of place as the backing track to some eldrich abomination final boss.

And this one in particular is oddly similar to the Cave of the Past theme from Earthbound:

Like, jesus fucking christ. It's a pity the game itself amounted to little more than a grindy and boring Dynasty Warriors/Panzer Dragoon mashup/ripoff, though.

Drag-on Dragoon, indeed.

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ChekaAgent said:

Well, to be fair there actually is the beta(?) version of the track (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs4CQ2lllDk), which is really.. weird.. maybe that version is what people are talking about.

It's obvious listening to it why they changed the tune. Not because it was making kids kill themselves, probably because it was making their ear-drums kill themselves. Those harsh notes can really be painful after a while.

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During the Ocean Side Hotel quest in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It really freaked me out, and that rarely happends when I play games. Just a testament to how great this game is.

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Spoilers for an indie platformer called Eversion (it's old and $5 on Steam, I'd recommend it):

The game starts out deceptively cheery, greeting the player with bright colors and happy tunes:

Then the player reaches the first "Eversion" point, and the world changes. The world is now somewhat more oppressive, the smiles on the faces of the enemies have changed to blank stares:

Fast forward a bit so this post doesn't take up 5 screen lengths, and now things have started to grow spikes and teeth:

Oh hey, another evert point and oh lord what happened to Layer 2's music?

Does this even count anymore?


In closing, I'd like to say that, while definitely not the most creepy soundtrack out there, both technically and subjectively, it does fit the gameplay and plot progression really well, and its simple retro-styled tunes actually do nicely to unnerve the player.

Full soundtrack link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqkYrzAfwpg&list=PL194D32270E284C3C&index=1

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Since I happen to be playing through Battle Out of Hell onnce again:

This thread is really bringing back some memories - I had almost forgotten about Eversion. The music in that game really did a great job emphasizing the gradual descent into more and more horrific changes.

And to think I also almost forgot the creepiness embedded in Majora's Mask! Ikana Canyon is truly a theme that almost always dampens my mood no matter what.

Everytime I hear this I just think of that giant ghost Goron blowing you into the endless black pit below the Snow Mountain temple....

EDIT: My N64 juices are flowing again, DK64 also had it moments.

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Kirby said:

And to think I also almost forgot the creepiness embedded in Majora's Mask! Ikana Canyon is truly a theme that almost always dampens my mood no matter what.

You are pretty much right about it, it was able to make me shiver the first time I heard it.

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