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Wad Release: Doomin'

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So yesterday after listening to the Duke Nukem 3d theme song for 30 minutes, I was suddenly struck with an idea for a map, and spent 3 hours making the outline and texturing the beast.

Doomworld, I present to you - Doomin'

Other than a few misaligned textures, the map is pretty much done.

Note: The map was made in Doom in UDMF format, and utilizes scripting.

The map itself plays like a slaughter map/action map, and the main enemies you'll face are Imps, Pinkies, and some Barons.

Hope you enjoy it: https://www.mediafire.com/?qlqyf9yfxf79uoq

Also note: Feedback is welcome :D

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Sure does ;p

I took a look at it while I was at work today; it's okay. Probably the tamest "slaughtermap" I've played. I mean, in terms of ammo given, yeah, slaughter levels (but I only used about half), but I've seen encounters this big in non-slaughtermaps, and they had higher-tiered monsters. Not trying to shit on this, but I was totally expecting something else.

It looked okay but it didn't look or play like a map that required GzDoom, though I understand that you used some spawn monster effects here. The same could be accomplished with monster closets in a source port closer to vanilla, increasing your target audience, which would net you more feedback.

At 147 max monsters this map was short. There were 3 almost slaughtermap-like encounters here, the starting sequence, after grabbing the red key, and the big red room. I will say I liked the hitscans used early in the beginning, making starting out like a bit of a puzzle, albeit an easy one, but puzzle nonetheless. The red key encounter was made trivial by luring the HK's away, grabbing the key and SSG'ing out, especially with the demons reaching the red key room. All of this would be easier if I could show you via a demo, but that's beside the point. The final large encounter was fun if I ran through all the way to the last pair of barons, then starting killing stuff, but it was made very easy when I simply killed stuff as soon as I saw it, which with the SSG facing a crowd of imps and a few demons, doesn't take long.

Grabbag is always a good choice in song for my tastes.

All-in-all it wasn't a bad map.

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Thanks for the critique!
I'm actually working on some changes as I type this - I know what you mean about the Pinkies and the red key room. That's a problem I'm gonna fix.

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Alright I just updated the map. I've added more challenging encounters to the big red hall(I call it the hellrun in the scripts :3)and I also messed around with the red key traps.

I'm gonna add in a more climatic ending too.

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