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Beyond Hell & Earth BD20b compatability

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Does anyone know where I could find a compatibility patch for Brutal Doom: Beyond Hell & Earth for Brutal Doom 20b? The WAD seems to be designed with version 19 exclusively in mind. While you can technically run the game with version 20b, you'll experience a litany of problems and errors while doing so.

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It's a cool map pack I'll admit.

But if I'm playing Brutal Doom v20b, I'll either play with the "id Software-style maps aka Doom the way id Did" or "Scythe 2" megawads respectively.

If I can't find something like that...

Whatever hellish megawad there is.... I'll probably run through with Brutal Doom v20b or Project Brutality.

Though I like how Brutal Doom kept the vanilla weapons and vanilla enemy A.I/attacks.


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