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Hey everyone!

I've had a warm welcome to the DOOM community. It's time I've given back.

A little but of what brought me here first.

I'm a digital artist, currently going to the University of Alberta, Fine Arts Major. I'm in my last two weeks of school before the summer break. One my my final projects was to do a self portrait using any medium we want. So I chose digital.
My teacher actually hated the idea of digital, mostly because she doesn't think there are a lot of good artists that come from it. (Maybe it's the subject matter)
Well anyway, I decided to prove her wrong.

I first made a gif, of myself - to show off digital merits.

https://giphy.com/gifs/3m0yY8NM4g6Na - there were gonna be three, one from memory (no looking!), one from a picture, and one from life. This is as far as I got.

Then I decided that digital had so much more possibility. I could make people FEEL how I wanted them too, not just think about feeling it. So the quest to make a DOOM like game began. I spent about 5-6 hours one afternoon trying to code DOOM's sprite system into UE4, before realizing what a terrible decision I have made. So then I made the switch.

Signed up for the forums, and got down to sprite making.



Then textures, fully tessellated. I even used the gif portrait in the texture haha

Getting through this stuff has been hell. But god damn has it been worth it.

I got my stuff into game for the first time, and it felt like I had accomplished creation of life. It's not much to be proud of, but that floor texture was mine!

Now after more work, I got to some level design. Then more time passed, and I got sprites in. (Though, I need to find a way to keep them high res, without making them the size of a building, I wish I had a screenshot, honestly)

But this is where I am at now.


This was all done as of last Friday.

Now I want to get this done ad quick as possible (I'll continue this after I get home from uni) and I have a few more things I need to do to make it presentable.

-re-texture a gun, maybe two.

-decals like blood, or shotgun pellets hitting.

-boss enemy, editing of stats, like movement (I'll make it 0, so he stays on the top of the hill) and health. This is art class, so it needs to send a message. (probably going to make the boss unbeatable (infinite health).

-fog (this one I tried, but I had too much trouble with it because I'm incompetent)

-sound. My friend is working on an ambiance for me. I have a high quality mic, and have done (some) sound work before, so this shouldn't be too big of issue. But it will take up a night probably.

Everything is coming together. I'm happy with my progress, but if any of you guys can help me with any of this, please P.M. me, so we can get our Skype hooked up so you can show me the ropes! Seriously I think it's way better than a reply, but those are very welcome too!

I'm glad to be a part of this community, and I regret not joining it sooner.

I hope to hear from you all, hope this wasn't TL;DR!

See you all soon with more updates!!!!!!

Oh, also here's all my website stuff.




I seriously stream art whenever I can.

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y'know, if you are going to get metaphysical with this project then having a boss that is actually cthulu fuckhuge isn't a bad idea. Scuba made something similar a long time ago.

The top of a building isn't hard to make, it has limited texture requirements meaning you could skin it within a reasonable timeframe and you could do something interesting with zdoom's skyboxes to act as a backdrop.

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I love that idea. I want to avoid doing a backdrop right now I feel, but once uni is done I will look into it. That is a sick idea though. Honestly I could redesign the leveL so there is a pit beside the arena, where the boss would be, rather than on the top of the hill. That way I could make that boss huge.

Or have both, with a recolor. Pressing that top button could unveil the major boss behind a wall. So basically, reskinned cyberdemon. That's more work but also more.. complete.

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So I got a hud working, and a weapon, and music, and enemy sounds, I'm feeling pretty good! I still have 0 idea how to get fog working, which is really annoying seeing as I've done a ton of looking, but found out it works beauties for Zdoom, but not for GZdoom.

Now I seriously call out to anyone who could help me retain the highres textures of my originals. I'll give you guys some updates on how it looks later today (it's 4, so I'm pretty tired.


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You know talking about cool mods you could make... The fact is some one should have done a Descent/Doom crossover by now... Demons vs. Robots....

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