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Over/Underrated PWAD Thread

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I know we've got the controversial thread and confession booth but lets discuss which "Legendary", popular or Cacoward PWADs you feel are either not up to snuff or don't get the respect they deserve. Also, which ones did not age well?

I don't see the current appeal of Hell Revealed and why it shows up so much in recommendation threads. It looks awful and has way too many Barons/Meat per ammo given which makes killing everything a boring slog. The monster placement is also more annoying than it is challenging and fun. I'd rather play Sunlust or Speedo Doom for fun and challenging maps with pleasing aesthetics.

Alien Vendetta is also a mixed bag for me. While it's quite good overall, I found the first half to be rather mediocre and quit several times before powering through it. It probably has the worst map 01 I've played and I remember the nukage level to be particularly awful. "Yeah, sometimes slime's damaging, sometimes it's not. Better take some pointless damage to make sure." The later levels are significantly better though, aside from Dark Dome and the IoS map.

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To answer your stance on Hell Revealed, it was the first to take Plutonia's brutal gameplay and expand on it greatly. True that Hell Revealed is not for everyone, but it still has its importance in the evolution of Doom mapping, and megawads like Alien Vendetta and Speed of Doom drew influence from it. While some may not like the design aesthetics of Hell Revealed, I'm one of the many who have a fondness for it because I like a mapset that has more emphasis on simplicity every now and then. The hatred its been getting nowadays seem unjust and I honestly think it's an underrated and underappreciated classic.

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Alien Vedetta never seems to get boring, seriously that wad is so overrated, not to mention the shitload of AV servers with Complex Doom along with its shit addons on Zandronum, i'm totaly sick of seeing those servers, seriously it's like there's nothing better out there to play.

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kuchitsu said:

OK, what's so bad about Alien Vendetta's Map01? Were you just frustrated by the final puzzle maybe?

It's overly cramped, ugly and has damaging and non-damaging nukage which looks the same. The midi also sounds like the Battletoads pause music.

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rileymartin said:

The midi also sounds like the Battletoads pause music.

I thought you were listing the bad things?

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