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Doomkid's Random DM Event #2! APRIL 1st, prepare for FRAGS


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  1. 1. PICK DA WAD

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Hello again, deathmatchers!

On my previous DM event, we had a nice turnout, went for about 80 minutes and had a nice little buffer zone between the tail end and the start of FNF, so I propose another fragging session :)

This time, it's a poll - Where should the slaughtering happen? You tell me!


When: April 1st 6:00PM USA Eastern Time (9AM sharp on April 2nd for any other East Coast Aussies out there)

Where: Westside Connection odamex.net]Odamex FFA server in California

What: Huh?


Don't forget to join #dmstuff on quakenet IRC for some pre and post frag chatting. For those of you who don't have a server browser/don't usually do Multiplayer, connecting is a breeze though the console by simply typing "connect <ip address>". Players of all skills are welcome to come get some fun & frags.

Hope to see plenty of you there, it's always great getting DW fraggers together!

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Just over 12 hours to get your votes in! It's looking like dmc2 but if a few more votes come in it could go either way!

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90 minutes straight this time, 21 rounds in total! Managed to grab a few screenshots too:


It was a blast, thanks to those who joined in!

If I have another one of these events, I might keep a frag tally this time around :)

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that is freakin awesome man, i love the screenshot you got of me killing fonze from that side view lol

EDIT: lol wait, that was me dying from fonze xD

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