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n00b trigger question

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I started my first map last night and I've run into a problem already.

Basically, the room in question is square with a platform in the middle holding a shotgun, and on each of the four walls has a door that opens releasing some enemies when you grab the shotgun (or, more correctly, when you step onto the platform).

At least that's what I want to happen. Since I have no former Doom mapping experience to speak of, I'm not quite sure how to pull this off. I read the help file and it didn't seem to clear things up. So could somebody help me here, and tell me if i'm supposed to tag the sector or the linedef(s) or the door or something? What exactly am I supposed to do?

Also, I'm using WadAuthor with the doom2 config, if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.

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Set the linedef that the Shotgun is on, and tag it. Then give the door sectors that same tag.
Load it up and see if works. I am fairly certain this is how it goes.

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