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If SnapMap (Doom 4) is popular, will anyone make a clone of it for Doom 3?

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Just imagine, reviving Doom 3 mapping like that. Maybe some people will feel nostalgic about Doom 3 while playing Doom (2016).

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I bet snapmap will use a modular system with tons of prefabs, I guess that the closest thing we are going to get for Doom 3 is that 'Doom 3 builder' thing that was around some time ago.

DMGUYDZ64 said:

Yeah, Radiant is very hard to learn/use .

I don't think is that hard.

Compared to Doom Builder 2, well yes, but overall is all you would expect of an editor for a 3D enviroment game that uses brushes to build the base geometry, like Quake and his consecutives games/editors.

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