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Fear of the Order

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Since Tim Willits was responsible for what seems like a majority of the maps in Strife, which have his usual hallmarks of use of one or two texture themes together with near-perfect symmetrical layouts, I figured I'd convert E4M9: Fear into a Strife map.

Here's the current version:

And a build with GL nodes and SVE lightmaps:

Run with

-file E4M9.wad -warp 1
Note the recent fix to Reaver damage in Chocolate Strife makes a huge difference so make sure you're not running it on an old build of that, or the current Steam build of SVE (which also has the problem; a patch will be forthcoming soon as we are now working on the GOG build).

EDIT: I uploaded a new build with some difficulty tweaks and a fix for the map's most glaring issue of putting the key in a place that's too easy to get. It'll move elsewhere in medium and hard skills now ;) PS, I'll do a build with GL nodes in it so the SVE hardware renderer is happy once it's final.

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Fun stuff Quasar. Decided to do some FDAs on skill 4 using the latest nightly of Chocolate Strife. I haven't played Doom's E4M9 or Strife in a while, so it's a bit rough. I wasn't really sure what to do about jumping so I did a little but not too much.

It's a cool idea but I think Strife's arsenal and enemy selection don't make for a great 1-to-1 substitution. It seemed like the key to survival was getting the mauler ASAP and then just hunkering down and killing things off. Oh well, fun little diversion.

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Just bumping to note I added a download link for a version with support for Veteran Edition's "high quality" renderer.

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