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How to make wind in ZDoom: Doom in Doom format?

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To make scifista42 happy, here is how I made it;

I used the Scroll Floor - Move Things action special (Action 253), gave it a new tag and tagged the sector I wanted to move the same.

There are two factors to that effect:

- the length of the line you set the action to
- the angle of the line you set the action to

So, if you put the action on a line is 128 units long, the "wind" will be slower than a 256 units long line you put the action on. Also, it depends on the angle of the wall.
If you have a north-south line, the "wind" will "blow" south, I guess. My line is east-west and the floor moves west, so...

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Someday in the future, somebody will have the same problem as you and will be searching for a solution, and his search engine will bring him here, only to be disappointed that the OP was edited out. Maybe if you shared your recent discovery that allowed you to figure out the problem, the thread wouldn't be completely vain.

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That what you said tho, so inspirational! It has motivated me to find the answer of the universe!

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