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How do I make turret monsters more attentive?

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I'v Imps on 64x64x64 pillers, I'v them pointed at where the player will come through the door, but when I come into the room they mostly just bounce around. Same with some chaingunners I'v got on a plat form, the just stumble back and forth and shoot sparcley. Is there any way to get them to open fire more often?

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Just give them more space to walk without being obstructed. Monsters have an internal counter of steps before attack, and the Doom engine unfortunately resets this counter to a new random value every time a monster changes direction of movement. As a result, "turret" monsters on small platforms and other monsters with restricted movement will attack significantly less often than they normally would.

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From the other thread:

Maes said:

Pillars and other places that interfere with a monster's motion and force it to "stop in its tracks" and change direction -especially true for faster monsters- tend to keep it busy and slow its attack rate considerably, simply because it has such a hard time finding a good spot where it's not compelled to do pathfinding.

Lol so the Doom monsters are about as smart as my dog when looking for a good spot to go to the bathroom?

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