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DOOM Beta Impressions

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So, after buying Wolfenstein TNO and getting the DOOM Beta and playing a few matches I have some feedback.

This game looks..really really good.

Here are some of the Pro's and Con's


- The music has that Industrial/Metalish feeling to it.
- The atmosphere is very dark and Gothic and the Revenant's look scary as hell.
- The weapons look great although the color and pattern options are kind of stupid
- The weapons sound great
- The movement is really cool and diverse with you being able to double jump, scale fences and walls, etc
- Has a really nice Quake/Unreal Tournament/Halo feeling to it


- The rocket launcher is overpowered
- The announcer is annoying as fuck and sounds like a pussy
- The speed isn't quite fast enough considering it's a Doom game. Maybe it's different in single player

All in all, I think this game is going to win quite a few rewards and I can't wait to see how much you'll be able to mod the game with SnapMap.

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