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[VANILLA] Torch jumps into the ceiling when nearby door is opened

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So, I was just mapping for Vanilla (the map probably won't stay Vanilla for long; it's already causing mid-air HOMs due to the amount of Linedefs ;-;) and I came across this bizarre oddity.

That's what the structure's supposed to look like, right? Well...

...Here's what happens as soon as you open the door.

...Yep. It just kinda... snaps into the ceiling.
Moving up close and around it confirms that it's lodged inside its sector's ceiling. It could be something to do with the size of the sector it's in (the sector is smaller than the torch, but it's not tiny and it doesn't affect the other torch).


I... I have no clue what's going on.




You'll bonk anything, won't you, Lister?

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Place the torch so that its collision box doesn't touch any sector with a higher floor or with a lower ceiling than the torch's own sector. This is what you should do with all things you put to your maps. If you don't, the engine may raise the thing's height to the highest touched sector's floor at potentially any time when some sector-movement-related special action happens anywhere in the map, usually when some floor moves instantly.

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Some part of the torch must touch the bounding box of the door's sector.

Doom uses an incredibly inefficient and broken method to adjust thing heights when a sector changes which can seeminly randomly affect things throughout the map.

The best advice would be to do what Scifista suggests. In general, with vanilla it should be avoided to have off-map parts of a sector for convenience purposes. Due to this checking method this can cause all kinds of problems.

It should be noted, though, that with id's original editor such situations were very unlikely to happen because it created the sectors from some line info and this made it impossible to have sectors with multiple unconnected parts.

In most source ports this has been altered so that changing sectors only affect the things that actually touch the sector.

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