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Help with "false walls"

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Hi everybody,
so, I decided to include a "false wall" into my new masterpiece, and I put a BROWN1-textured one. However, when I got to that place inside the game (Chocolate Doom 2.2.1), that wall was in some random-coloured stripes and it would crash the moment I see it. Now goes the weird part: when I changed the texture to BROWN96, all worked just fine!
Please, local gurus, enlighten me on this one. Thanks in advance!

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Textures that consist of multiple patches that vertically overlap can't be used as middle textures on 2-sided lines in vanilla/Chocolate Doom, or the engine crashes.

You can find out which textures are prone to this crash and which are OK by opening your IWAD in SLADE3, opening its TEXTURE1 lump, browsing the texture list and seeing the list of patches that each particular texture consists of, and if any of the patches is above/below/over another patch. If they're just horizontally next to each other, it's OK - but not vertically.

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