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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #243 - Japanese Community Project (Part I)

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今週の木曜日... oops, wrong language. This Thursday we will take a look at the first half of the latest creation of the small but vigorous Japanese Doom community. You can look forward to some nice visuals as well as fun and occasionally challenging gameplay. Hope to see you!

DMFLAGS: 1174487140 / 806496256 / 0
IWAD: doom2 or freedoom080
PWADs: jpcp_1st, jpcp_coopfix
Maps: 01-15, 31-32, 16-17
Lives: 1
Players: 25/100
Item Respawn Time: 60 Seconds
Player Join Limit: 3 Minutes

Date: 7th April 2016

Euro session: 19:00 BST/14:00 EDT at Ducks, Czech Republic (usually lasts 6-8 hours, sometimes much longer)

Get ZDaemon and join in.

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Excellent choice.. I wont be able to make it this week, but that wad definitely needs exposure :)

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I'm looking forward to this as I did not get to play jpcp much yet, and I found the little I did get to play quite interesting; the screenshots also look really tasty. Given my current sleeping cycle, I might not be joining before 2 AM BST so I hope there will still be plenty of you to play a few late night/early morning rotations of the maplist with :)

Either way, here's a link to the JPCP DW thread for anyone who wants to give feedback on the wad or post bugs he or she notices.

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jpcp_hudjpn.wad will be loaded as an optional wad on the server, meaning that if you'd like play with the Japanese HUD, you can place the wad into a directory that's in your launcher's wad search path, and you will get Japanese HUD instead of the "standard" one.

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Session statistics for this week:

First blood:
ErisFalling | in MAP03, perforated by a chaingunner 41 seconds after joining

First blood in subsequent rotas:
2nd rota (-fast and 2x damage): toshiaki2115 | burned by an imp 7 seconds after joining
3rd rota (total randomization): fred512 | couldn't dodge a destructor's rocket 10 seconds after joining
4th rota (random damage): Jake_Crusher | in MAP02, burned by an imp 40 seconds after joining

Peak server population:

Overall number of players that connected during the session:

Player death counts by obituaries (1st rota/2nd rota/3rd rota/4th rota):

    1 killed itself. (0/0/1/0)
    47 died. (15/11/21/0)
    23 mutated. (12/9/2/0)
    0 were squished. (0/0/0/0)
    5 went boom. (3/2/0/0)
    19 should have stood back. (10/7/2/0)
    5 were killed by a zombieman. (2/3/0/0)
    28 were shot by a sergeant. (4/18/0/6)
    80 were perforated by a chaingunner. (18/59/2/1)
    1 was slashed by an imp. (0/1/0/0)
    71 were burned by an imp. (2/63/1/5)
    13 were bit by a demon. (2/10/0/1)
    3 were eaten by a spectre. (0/3/0/0)
    3 were spooked by a lost soul. (0/3/0/0)
    2 got too close to a cacodemon. (0/2/0/0)
    55 were smitten by a cacodemon. (4/47/1/3)
    8 were punched by a revenant. (5/2/0/1)
    67 couldn't evade a revenant's fireball. (12/50/0/5)
    26 were squashed by a mancubus. (1/24/1/0)
    10 let an arachnotron get them. (3/7/0/0)
    2 were gutted by a Hell Knight. (1/1/0/0)
    31 were splayed by a Hell Knight. (5/25/1/0)
    1 was ripped open by a Baron of Hell. (1/0/0/0)
    10 were bruised by a Baron of Hell. (1/8/1/0)
    51 were incinerated by an archvile. (16/28/7/0)
    2 stood in awe of the spider demon. (1/1/0/0)
    39 were splattered by a cyberdemon. (7/3/29/0)
    0 were surprised by the zombie's weaponry. (0/0/0/0)
    0 were mauled by a Mauler Demon. (0/0/0/0)
    0 were charred by a pain soul. (0/0/0/0)
    0 were melted by a pain soul. (0/0/0/0)
    0 suffered psychic trauma from an aracnorb's brainwaves. (0/0/0/0)
    4 were perforated by an Arachnophyte. (0/0/4/0)
    115 couldn't dodge a destructor's rocket. (0/0/115/0)
    1 was terminated by the Badass Cyberdemon. (0/0/1/0)
    723 deaths overall. (125/387/189/22)
Session lasted (with 2 short breaks) for 15 hours and 17 minutes and ended in the 4th rota with the last map played being MAP04 which was also the last finished map.

top 10 players with most deaths (deaths/joins, death ratio):

fred512         38/56, 67.86%
HD9             33/37, 89.19%
Bardur          31/45, 68.89%
Keyboard_Doomer 31/53, 58.49%
rhinoduck       29/41, 70.73%
Jake_Crusher    27/33, 81.82%
Malfunction     26/35, 74.29%
DaIcemann76     24/37, 64.86%
Choft           22/40, 55.00%
toshiaki2115    19/31, 61.29%

this guy...
BlooditeKrypto   7/38, 18.42%

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