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Ive always noticed something nutty in maps with corners with very low angles, such as curved hallways or mountains. I remember a map in Swim With The Whales that drove me crazy because I had to dodge fireballs while backpedalling into a narrow trench for cover that kept spitting me out. Sliding along the walls in the curved tunnels of MAP03: Aztec in Plutonia are a good example.

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Interesting, Ling. I understand what's happening here but not why it's happening. I've bounced around maps more than a few times, but I've never seen a bounce that is so drastically and consistently fast, though of course being in-air keeps the momentum the same.

I notice that this seems to be easier to achieve in PrBoom+ than in chocolate (at least while playing through D-Touch). Though I feel like even on the PC I bounce around a lot more in PrBoom+ than I used to playing in vanilla as a kid; granted that could be due to the extra detailing in pWads not present in the iWads.

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