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My Thoughts on the DOOM Multiplayer beta

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Video if you don't feel like reading my ramblings = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS1_Iixh_18

TL/DR = I was thrown off at first, but I wound up loving it
I wanted to share my thoughts on the DOOM closed multiplayer beta on PS4

I love DOOM, I play through Doom 1 & 2 every year and I’m also currently enjoying the new 32 level megawatt Hell on Earth Starter pack Sergeant Mark IV put out with the newest version of Brutal doom. The BETA had a few game modes but I only seemed to be able to find matches for regular deathmatch.

When I first jumped in though I was like WHOA - this is way too smooth or fluid and I was thrown off by the momentum of how you moved, but I quickly learned to love it - and the best feature is that you’re always running - So I don’t have to keep clicking L3 to run every 5 steps like in Call of Duty - I’ve also been out of shooters for awhile and this felt fresh because you have much higher health and armor than you do in other shooters; it’s a little more like Halo and I really like that because you can have more interesting gun fights with people that last a little longer instead of bam bam you’re dead. It definitely helps to have space marine armor - You can also grab on to almost any ledge and pull yourself up so that is really helpful, especially if you just missed a jump - and make vertical scaling a tactical way to move around the map. There also is a double jump like advanced warfare or black ops 3 but it is much more subdued and doesn’t give you much more height than it does an extra small push so you have to be more deliberate when you use it or you’ll find yourself falling in a hole or missing your mark entirely.

Now one thing I’m not sure I agree with is that your health does not regenerate - Regenerating health vs health packs in a single player game has longer been a topic of discussion but when it comes to multiplayer I actually feel like that’s a place where regenerating health is a really good thing. For the reason that If I’m dominating and I just chain killed 3 guys, and all of a sudden I run around a corner and someone that has just spawned pops off one shot and I explode that’s not the best system - If I just killed 3 guys in a row I’m clearly the better gunfighter - Regenerating health in multiplayer at leasts initially puts everyone on the same playing field - The flip side argument to that is saying that this is a gameplay feature of the game that changes how you play and how you move, when to attack and when to seek items - so I see both sides - Either way I do love that you can take quite a few more hits than call of duty and that makes for more fun guns battles.

This beta was really refreshing for me because I thought I might be growing out of Shooters in a way - I played the original black ops and modern warfare 3 hardcore and was always in the top spot or 2nd spot playing with my friend. But the last few released games of recent I just haven’t felt it being that fun - The variety of weapons, movement system, and especially the higher health made it feel fresh and also a return to form - After all DOOM created the multiplayer Deathmatch formula. So after the initial shock of how it felt I was happy because it was taking first person shooting back to its roots - Absolute fun - I started out playing this thinking eh I’ll just play this beta but will only play the single player when the game comes out to now I can’t wait until the game launches because for me, this will be my multiplayer shooter of choice.

I love the graphics -I think they're beautiful and look great.

The guns were pretty enjoyable - The assault rifle was great and a good weapon to nick away the health of a player using a slower weapon type like a shotgun or rocket launcher if you could dodge them - The super shotgun was fantastic, but I found the damage to be inconsistent, but it may have been because I was too far away from my opponent - I loved it though - It’s great to use when you’re in corridors - The lightning gun is a short range weapon that shoots out a constant arc of lightning and I found this weapon to be a little over powered, when I used it I just melted through guys since they seemed to jerk when I hit them with it and same when it was used against me I would just die - Not sure how it should be modified, but I thought it was a little overpowered. The rocket launcher was a weapon I wouldn’t normally use, but if you got a direct hit it would get you 55 damage, but the splash damage wasn’t that great and the rockets moved too slowly for my tastes - I cut through many opponents trying to fire rockets at me while I strafed and jumped around them, just cutting into them with the assault rifle. The plasma rifle is fun to use especially because you can use it’s secondary fire to have create an area of effect damage spot on the floor that will damage enemies as they walk on it and the bullets while less powerful than the assault rifle also have some splash damage so you can damage your enemies even if you’re not completely on target. The static gun Is a gun that charges as you move and lets out a powerful blast - I didn’t use it that much and I didn’t use the relex rifle either which was like a sniper rifle The guass cannon rocks - it shoots ONE powerful blast that just obliterates enemies -

The melee instant kill takedown thing I found would actually make you more vulnerable and leave you exposed to being killed. I actually got killed quite a few times because I was stuck in my takedown animation so sometimes it’s best to keep circling around and shooting the opponent, also your enemy doesn’t always seem to glow so I had some missed attempts at times.

The music at the loading screen was perfect DOOM mood, that industrial metal / thrash bad ass sound, but what I found weird is that there was no music during the actual games - I assume this is just because this is in beta, but I ended up getting used to it - Battling it out to some great metal would make it awesome.

Playing as the Revenant Demon was also fun - Demon runes will spawn in the map and you can transform into a demon ; in this beta they let us play the revenant that has it’s jetpack and shoulder mounted rocket launchers - you can either become this by getting to the rune first or killing the enemy revenant and taking the power from them. It’s super fun to just annihilate the competition in demon form - After awhile you will transport back to normal if you haven’t been killed.

In essence I absolutely loved it and I can't wait for the full game - I look forward to playing more multiplayer and more importantly the single player campaign - I hope it's fast paced, metal and plenty of demons that need to be fed a mouthful of BUCKSHOT.

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gamegalaxy said:

Now one thing I’m not sure I agree with is that your health does not regenerate

You already alluded to this, but the core axiom of this game is constant movement. If your heath regenerates, then you're encouraged to stop and take cover. That fundamentally goes against what iD is trying to do. Health packs encourage you to constantly move around the map.

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Plus it adds a metagame element of resource management. It makes the game more complex than merely being "a good gunfighter", you've also got to learn when it's appropriate to retreat and gather ressources.

The best fighter isn't always the one that stays in the fight the longest.

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