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Da Eediot

How Do You Make Animated Textures?

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You know how Doom has water and lava textures that change pictures to make it look like it's moving? Is there a way to make a custom texture that can do that? If so, could someone tell me how to do it? Thank you.

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The vanilla-compatible way is to replace one of the textures that's hardcoded to animate by the engine.
The Boom-compatible way is to use ANIMATED.
The ZDoom-compatible way is to use ANIMDEFS.

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The vanilla-compatible way: Give your textures a name that corresponds to the name of some hardcoded animated texture, then add it to TEXTURE1/PNAMES.
The Boom-compatible way: SLADE3 has special features to create and edit ANIMATED/SWITCHES. (Archive -> New -> ANIMATED/SWITCHES)
The ZDoom-compatible way: Make a new lump in your wad, name it ANIMDEFS, edit it as text and define the animation according to the ANIMDEFS reference.

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