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Unique/very clever Mods?

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I've been checking out random WADS but what I really want to find are maps with a really clever twist to them, such as not being completely reliant on fighting your way through, but requiring more of a mental challenge to them. Maps that would still have some enemies perhaps but with the map specifically designed to make you overcome them in ways other than simply blasting your way through.

Maps like Hunted for example, where the maze is extremely difficult and the Archvilles can quickly overrun you. But that's my only example I guess. Maps with more of a psychological punch, maybe lots of gloomy landscapes, very few weapons, requiring to 'escape' more than actually fight, etc.... ones that rely on your brainpower and not purely fighting skill.

Sorry if this sounds unclear, it's just that I have loads of ideas for maps but don't want to do anything that's been done before.

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Cyberdreams, where you must solve puzzles and find indirect ways for killing cyberdemons.
Evil Eye, where you can only shoot from certain safe spots out of the reacn of the evil eye symbol, otherwise you'll be overwhelmed by archviles.
Dawn of Reality, which really manages to mix reality and Doom in a way only dreams can.

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