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Separate Ammo V1.1 for zdoom

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Separate Ammo V1.1 released!

Displeased by not using plasma gun to save ammo for BFG?
Not having a last resort weapon makes you sad?
Tired of overusing an SSG?


Separate Ammo provides you with different kind of ammunition for every weapon. A clue: bigger guns requres bigger boxes of ammo.


Now you CAN shoot chaingun and still have some ammo for pistol!
Now you CAN'T run'n'gun through the whole game with just an SSG (included optional ssg ammo disabler)!
Now you CAN spam plasma like you don't f*king care!

use separateammoSSG.pk3 for full expirience!
use separateammo.pk3 if you don't want SSG to eat different shells (the same as V1.0)

compatible with (probably) any DECORATE-supporting port. Tested with zdoom 2.9 pre270

Download V1.1:

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