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Weapon Centering

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Seen this posted a couple of times but no success.

I'm looking to recreate the weapon sprite locking behaviour from vanilla doom FOR ZDoom based ports which currently only allow immediate weapon centering. I understand this seems like a bizarre request and most see the change as absolutely necessary but the old behaviour is something that I miss.

Why don't you use alternative source ports you ask? Every other source port aside from ZDoom/GZDoom suffer from minimal mouse delay to some downright irritating skipping whilst playing which is less tolerable than the weapon centering.

Anyone able to point in the right direction?

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If you looked into ZDoom's source code to see how exactly is weapon bobbing being calculated, perhaps you would reverse-engineer it into a function (either in ACS or as a DECORATE expression) that (upon being called) would calculate the current x/y offsets of the weapon (based on player's current velocity, current gametic, something like that), call it when the weapon's Fire state is entered, the function would then somehow change offsets of the weapon's firing sprites (or at the very worst, pick the best matching one of many manually predefined offsets, each hardcoded into the weapon's firing animation as a separate animation sequence) and (if needed) undo it just before returning to Ready state. This is a very hacky concept straight off the top of my head, I might be missing something that would make your goal more easily achievable, so I hope that, if you try to follow my advice, you'll discover that it's at least partly (hopefully completely) easier than I believed at this moment.

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