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Need help setting up scripts for OPEN COOP.

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I'm sorry for being a jerk back in 2014. :"( Will you forgive me this time?
I can't seem to make the door from the first room close after all players leave the first room. I was hoping if someone who knows about OPEN COOP could please help me or teach me how to use the scripts for OPEN COOP properly? I appreciate your help.

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It's still difficult to make these scripts. I even tried to make 2 separate rooms like for example, I named the first room "Air-Locker Room" & I named the second room "Hallway". When I tested the map, all of the rooms are ended up being named after the second room which is "Hallway". I even tried to learn from the Tutorial maps and I happen to find purple block with the word "World-spawn" all over it. How do I have to make different multiple World-spawns before making rooms or am I not make the map's script correctly?

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