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I made a font

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The font is not for use in doom, but rather to use in photoshop when you want to make a texture with text on it. Vector style fonts can end up looking really crap at very small sizes, where each pixel makes a difference, so this is an old win 3.1 style monochrome bitmap font. So it might not show up in programs that don't recognise that kind of font.

There are only two sizes, 7 point and 14 point.
The 7 point version was made to closely resemble the patches in doom2.wad. It is not an exact match, because the font had to be monochrome, but it's fairly close. There are only capitals because the wad only has capitals.

The 14 point version is basically an enlarged version, but I took some more liberties with the design to take advantage of the higher resolution. As a result it does not match the original wad graphics as closely as the 7 point version.

To use, install it as you would any other system font. Download here (10KB)

The white text in the following preview images is "naked", eg just the bare font.
The red version has an inner and outer glow applied to more closely resemble the wad graphics.



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