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When I first visited a Doom forum, not Doomworld, it seemed nearly dead. Why?

Why is it that Doomworld is our first and best option for Doom-related content? How come it has such a large community, and an active one too? How did Doomworld do it? InstaDoom? CHS Massacre?

While some sites have a lower number of active members, such as Realm667 or DrdTeam, they are still active enough to keep going.
But the rest?
Here are some sites I dug up in short time, that seem dead/in hibernation.





Some you already know. Others were hidden in the web.

NOTE: I found these in short time. That does not mean there aren't more out there.

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ZDoom and Zandronum forums certainly aren't dead.

Doomworld has a long history of publishing Doom-related news, running an /idgames frontend, regularly publishing /newstuff chronicles of wad reviews, and it has very active and competent people in the staff. Those might be the reasons that (in the long term) attract people and make Doomworld easy to view as the main part of the Doom community.

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The ZDaemon forums have a faint pulse still. The Odamex forums have tumbleweeds, sadly. The Doom Connector forums have also just started up.

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