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HXRTC Project v3.7 SE Update 2 (UPDATED 30 jun 2016)

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PLAYTHROUGH (Video by Miles De Mundos):

SCREENSHOTS (MOST OF THEM OUTDATED):HXRTC Project v3.7 SE Update 2 compressed file includes the following:

- HXRTC Project v3.7 SE Update 2 main file (contains all and each one of the basic things to play);
- HXRTC HUD v7.0 SE (special version of HXRTC HUD for exclusive use with HXRTC Project);
- JPHUD HealthBar v3 (optional, but useful addon that allows to see the HP enemies you aim with your weapon).
- HXRTC Map Marks v1 (optional addon, with it your automap mark numbers will be like the HXRTC HUD small white numbers).


The HXRTC Project is an addon for exclusive use with Doom & Doom 2 games, that means it won't work correctly with Heretic, Hexen or Strife games. However, it's fully compatible with many classic custom Doom megawads that don't alter the gameplay,monsters and/or weapons in a critic way. You'll be able to play with HXRTC Project addon with megawads like Alien Vendetta, Community Chest series, Hell Revealed, Memento Mori, Scythe, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you're experiencing some problems executing HXRTC Project addon with your current ZDoom or GZDoom version, please check for a more recent version in their webpages, development versions are often recommended:



If you are using the JPHUD HealthBar for first time and having strange screen issues, you should go to (G)ZDoom's Main Menu > Options > HUD Options > JP HealthBar Option and scale the health bar resolution conveniently to your actual screen size.

This Doom project has been created mainly from arranged & fixed versions of WEAPONS OF SATURN weapon mod and DOOM MONSTER RANDOMIZER monster mod, with some extra new elements and additional random generators coded by me, for making your oddisey through Doom a bit different from one game to another.

By the way, the HXRTC Project has been created from multiple sources just and only for fun. So don't think bad, I'm absolutely not earning any money from it in any way, not even in the hosting and downloading file action. So, just enjoy and play it!


- Weapons of Saturn mod by: Lippeth
- Doom Monster Randomizer mod by: Snarboo
- JP HUD Enemy Health Bar by: JPalomo
- Remastered Doom sound effects by: PerKristian
- Doom alternative sound effects by: BouncyTEM
- Plasma Zapper, Hell Missile Launcher & Flame Cannon sprites by: Mike12
- Chiller CrossBow weapon by: Bloax (Realm 667)
- Chiller Crossbow's Big Ammo sprite base by: Sangelothi
- Duke Nukem's Commander Keen sprite replacements by: Alice Jameson
- DoomGuy's sounds pack by: Trent Reznor
- IcyDemon & IcySpectre monsters created by: Hexereticdoom
- Quad Shotgun code by: Aerial
- Rottweiler code by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667)
- HXRTC Project title header replace created by: Hexereticdoom
- ArachnoPhyte, Cacolantern, Diabloist, MaulerDemon & Snake Imp codes by: Tormentor667 (Realm 667)
- Elite Arachnotron code by: Zdude (Realm 667)
- Deep One code by: Dr. Doctor (Realm 667)
- Phantasm code by: MagicWazard (Realm 667)
- Plasma Elemental code by: The Ultimate Doomer (Realm 667)
- Rifle Commando & Superdemon code by: Xim (Realm 667)
- Frozen Bones & Rocky Mancubus monsters created by: Hexereticdoom
- Evil Warrior Shield player weapon created by: Hexereticdoom
- Doom Terrain Splashes addon by: MagicWazard (Realm 667)
- Tech Lamps, Bronze Lamps, Oil Drum and Mega Computer Map code by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667)
- Corpse Pile and Black Hole Maker code by: Gothic (Realm 667)
- Daisy's Head Scenes code by: Bravo (Realm 667)
- Coloured Evil Eyes and Coloured Torches code by: ChronoSeth (Realm 667)
- Skull Tree code by: Zrrion The Insect (Realm 667)
- Impaled Zombies taken from Shootable Impaled Humans addon by DeVloek (Realm 667)
- Coach Gun weapon sprites by: BingoJohnson
- Bronze/Silver/Gold Coin sprites by: Drew5.net
- Coins & cash pickup sounds by: ArtisticDude (OpenGameArt.org)
- Moneybag sprite taken from Streets Of Rage game, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Doom3 Guy sprites by: Espio (ZandroSkins pack)
- FreeDoom mugshot sprites by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Gem sprites by: Glaber Co. & Draikonine (DeviantArt)
- Gems pickup sound by: The Berklee College of Music (OpenGameArt.org)
- Fake Coins pickup sound taken from Yoshi's Island game, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Rotating Key Card & Skull Key sprites by: Gifty
- Key Card & Skull Key pickup sound base by: ViRiX
- Evil Eye sounds and projectile sprites by: FreeDoom Project Team
- M134 Minigun sprites by: The Skulltag Team
- Mistery Box sprite base by: Sgt. Shivers
- Gremlin, Mini Gremlin and Frosty Slug sprites by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Gremlin sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Mini Gremlin sounds by: Raven Software
- Frosty Slug sounds by: SuperSomariDX
- New Help Screen created by: Hexereticdoom
- AlphaSphere and BetaSphere sprites by: Ozymandias81
- Some enemy sprites for alternate deaths and gib deaths by: Ghastly (Realm 667)
- Other enemy sprites for leap attacks, plus alternate deaths & gib deaths by: Finalizer
- Dual Pulse Rifle sprites taken from Sgt. Mark IV's Brutal Doom v20, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Gasoil Can and Venom Bottle sprites taken from unknown sources(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Cacodemon on a stick sprite taken from unknown source(*), edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Bonsai Tree sprites by: Sergeant Mark IV
- Centipede sprites by: Raymoohawk
- Centipede sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Additional enemy sprites & sounds for alternate deaths edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Chainsaw & Saw Thrower wall decals by: Faerlyn
- Chaos Skeleton sprites by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Chaos Skeleton sounds taken from Monolith Games, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- New skull ornament for Quad Shotgun by: Bane
- Hatchet (or Axe) weapon by: TheMightyHeracross (Realm 667)
- Railgun 2.0 sprites by: The Skulltag Team
- Railgun 2.0 shooting sounds by: Gumichan01 (OpenGameArt.org)
- Pistol Zombieman sprites by: BlueFireZ88
- Butcher Zombie sprites & code by: Scalliano (Realm 667)
- Butcher Zombie sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Female Zombies pack by: DavidRaven (Realm 667)
- Plasma Zombie by: Tormentor667 (Realm 667)
- Doom Marine corpses and Cacodemon alternate death by: David G
- Some animated textures & flats taken from Sgt. Mark IV's Brutal Doom, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Big Rat and Giant Bat sprites, sounds & code by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667)
- Several broken Tech Lamps & Light Column sprites & sounds edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Computer Tech-Pillar crystal shard sprites, sounds & code by: Mor'ladim
- Big Tree On Flames' resources from Sgt. Mark IV & Osjclatchford, built by: Hexereticdoom
- Bloody Hangmen sprites (now with rats) taken from Sgt. Mark IV's Brutal Doom, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Double Knuckles sprites by: That_One_Doom_Mod (Realm 667)
- New Kicking and Taunting actions taken from Brutal Kick addon by: The Zombie Killer
- New Beretta & Colt 1911 secondary fires created by: Hexereticdoom
- DoomGuy's middle-finger hand sprites by: Blox
- Original Colt 1911 sprites by: Captain J
- Dual Colt 1911 sprites created and edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Saw Thrower sprites & sounds by: Xatrix (Realm 667)
- Master Shotgunner sprites by: The Skulltag Team
- Infernal Imp sprites & code by: Dreadopp (Realm 667)
- Baby Cacodemon sprites & code by: Yuraofthehairfan (Realm 667)
- Wicked Shadow and Wicked Spectre sprites & code by: Jaeden (Realm 667)
- Hellish Dog, Watcher, Blizzard Soul & Hell Necromancer sprites & code by: Eriance (Realm 667)
- Dark Satyr sprites & code by: Ghastly Dragon (Realm 667)
- CyberWarrior sprites & code by: Finalizer
- Nightmare Reaper monster by: MagicWazard (Realm 667)
- Underworld Minion & Underworld King sprites & sounds by: 3D Realms
- Underworld creatures' walking sounds taken from Dragon Ball Z series, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Machinegun Mancubus monster by: 00_Zombie_00
- Zombie Missile Tank monster by: Xim (Realm 667)
- Railgun Spider monster by: Tormentor667 (Realm 667)
- Arachnorb sprites, sounds & code by: Jimmy91 (Realm 667)
- Arachnorb Queen code by: Yuraofthehairfan (Realm 667)
- Mistery Box Mimic sprites & code by: Hexereticdoom
- Mistery Box Mimic sounds taken from Chex Quest 3, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Trade Shop Droid sprites base by: Sgt. Shivers
- Terror Mask sprites base by: Raven Software
- Wolfenstein treasure sprites & sounds by: id Software
- Cash Bundle sprite created by: Hexereticdoom
- Cash Bundle pickup sound by: CapsLok (FreeSound.org)
- Auto Shotgun sprites & code by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667)
- Auto Shotgun sounds by: TheRailgunner
- Auto Shotgun pickup sprite by: HellCattX (Realm 667)
- Executioner sprites & code by: 00_Zombie_00
- Executioner sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Juggernaut monster taken from Sgt. Mark IV's Brutal Doom, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Proto Blaster weapon sprites & code by: CWolf
- Medusoid sprites by: Raymoohawk
- Medusoid sounds by: GeckoYamori
- Nightly Shade sprites, sounds & code by: Eriance (Realm 667)
- Ghost Ghoul sprites & code by: Eriance (Realm 667)
- Ghost Ghoul sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Peashooter weapon sprites & code by: Drakon
- Dart Shooter Zombie and Supreme Shotgunner sprites & code by: Scalliano (Realm 667)
- Plasma Gunman Zombie sprites & code by: DavidN (Realm 667)
- CyberKnight code by: Ben2k9 (Realm 667)
- Viscount of Hell sprites & code by: Eriance (Realm 667)
- Gasoil Tin sprite taken from WPClipart.com, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Venom Jar sprite base by: Raven Software
- Chilly Mancubus monster created by: Hexereticdoom
- Chilly Mancubus' sounds by: FreeDoom Project Team
- Venom Revenant sprites base and Chilly Mancubus' ice steam attack by: 00_Zombie_00
- N.R.'s Double Raygun and C.M.'s Ice Bombard sprites taken from Sgt. Mark IV's BD (v19), edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Ghostly Black Gem sprites by: The Skulltag Team
- Ghostly Black Gem's magic aura sound taken from Dragon Ball Z series, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Dual Plasma Zappers' sprites base by: Kirpi4
- M24 Sniper Rifle sprites & code by: TODM (Realm 667)
- M24 Sniper Rifle sounds by: Valve Software
- Some new Boss Brain sounds taken from Sgt. Mark IV's Ultimate Icon of Sin addon, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Devil Imp sprites & code by: Eriance (Realm 667)
- Giant Wasp sprites & code by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667)
- Pulse Spider monster by: Tormentor667 (Realm 667)
- Nazi Soldier sprites & sounds taken from Sgt. Mark IV's Brutal Doom (v18), edited by: Hexereticdoom
- German Shepherd sprites & code by: id Software
- Soul Harvester additional sprites by: HorrorMovieGuy
- Napalm Launcher sprites, sounds & code by: Eriance (Realm 667)
- Earthquake sound taken from Zelda/A Link To The Past game, edited by: Hexereticdoom
- New Medusoid's killer wave attack by: Hexereticdoom
- Sniper Zombie and Missile Launcher Zombie sprites & code by: Xim (Realm 667)
- Arsonist Zombie sprites & code by: Scalliano (Realm 667)
- Cacostalker sprites by: Vader (Realm 667)
- Cacostalker code by: Hnsolo77 (Realm 667)
- Panic Elemental sprites by: Captain Ventris
- Arctic Archer sprites & code by: Ravagefox (Realm 667)
- Z-Gun weapon sprites by: Eriance, Gothic & Blox (Realm 667)
- Z-Gun weapon sounds taken from Sgt. Mark IV's Doom 2016 Weapons Addon for BD (t1), edited by: Hexereticdoom
- Giant Wasp's sting poison attack sprites by: Scalliano (Realm 667)
- Venom Monsters' Toxic Wand sprites & code by: CodenniumRed (Realm 667)
- Burning corpses sprites by: Eriance & 3d Realms (Realm 667)
- Tesla Coil sprites & code by: Captain Toenail (Realm 667)

+ Several graphics & sounds effects taken from Sergeant Mark IV's Brutal Doom mod, Quaker540's Sub-Mod, Faerlyn's Hard Doom mod, TheRailgunner's X-Weapon mod and some other unknown sources(*), all modified and edited by: Hexereticdoom
++ New special powerup-pickup Announcer voices (ala Skulltag/Zandronum style) made with help of FromTextToSpeech.com (US English John voice).

Special thanks to Quaker540 for his valuable help with Decorate code! :)

If I'm missing some credits to anyone, please just notify it by commenting, sending a PM or contacting me by email.

(*): Do you know the original author from (some of) this/these? Please tell it to me!

EXTRA: Here it is the Optional Addons Pack, a small collection of addons created by several ZDoom forum users. They're distributed as-is, without any modification and they are fully compatible with HXRTC Project (and maybe with many Doom mods out there).

The Optional Addons Pack include the following files:

CROSSHAIRS.WAD (Original author: Mauricio Rocks) Contains an awesome crosshairs collection. Which one is your favourite?
DARKDOOM_LITE.PK3 (Original author: SidDoyle) Helps to create a more tetric and obscure atmosphere in most Doom level maps.
DROPLETS_V13.PK3 (Original author: SidDoyle) More gore, more! Splats a lot of blood from enemies (and also from player). Compatible with custom blood colors.
FLASHLIGHT.PK3 (Original author: The Zombie Killer) A beam flashlight, very useful for illuminating dark zones. (Night Vision Goggles are soooo scarce, aren't they?)
FOOTSTEPS_V4.PK3 (Original author: The Zombie Killer) Now you'll hear your own footstep sounds when walking or running!
REGEN.WAD (Original author: Sr69Mm-jC) A highly customizable regeneration mode for your player's health.
QUAKETILT.PK3 (Original authors: Nash & Ral22) Quake-style view tilting. A cool effect for your movements, try it!
REALAIM.PK3 (Original author: SidDoyle) Realistic aiming inertia. (Beware, maybe it can provoke you dizziness!)




Have fun! ;)

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Hi again, just announcing there is available a minor update for the mod...

Apart from some little bugfixings, version 3.2d features a couple of new elements: a new plasma-based weapon, the Proto Blaster, a pretty rare but powerful pistol that will become a big ally for some quite critic situations, it can shoot single green plasma bursts or alternatively, a four-shot spread at once. And the best of all, it doesn't need to be manually recharged!

The second one is the inclusion of a new hellish foe: the Medusoid. As its name suggests, this ugly cacodemon-type creature has the shape of a floating jellyfish, and can shot two fireballs at once, in contrast to its caco-relatives. Maybe you can take apart them easily in single confrontations, but in moderate or big groups could be really menacing. Take care of them quickly!

That's all for the moment... So, keep having fun guys! ;)

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I'm not usually into mods like this, but I've long been interested in a roguelike mod for Doom. After spending about 10 min with this, it seems like pairing this mod up with Oblige maps is pretty much what I had in mind, and is already more fun than the commercial FPS roguelikes that I've seen or tried.

After I spend some more time with it maybe I'll have some more specific feedback, but yeah, good job. :)

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Hello everyone, how is it going? Here I am for announcing yet another update for the H-Project, in shape of v3.2e...

These one is a pretty major release (although still in the 3.2 branch, because there are still not enough new features to number up) that brings cool news for FreeDoom fans. Yes, now the mod is fully compatible with the free alternative to commercial Doom! What does this means? Well, if you are an accustomed Doom player, you can try to play FreeDoom Phase 1&2 levels with H-Project! And the same thing applies if you play custom wads/megawads, now you have a chance to play all those without having to use the official stock Doom wads! :D

Also this update features a couple of new and harmful enemies: Nightly Shade and Ghost Ghoul! (Warning: they're only available for Doom II or FreeDoom Phase 2).

Remember you can download FreeDoom wads right here:


Hope all of you enjoy this new release. Keep having fun doomguys! ;)

Benjogami said:

I'm not usually into mods like this, but I've long been interested in a roguelike mod for Doom. After spending about 10 min with this, it seems like pairing this mod up with Oblige maps is pretty much what I had in mind, and is already more fun than the commercial FPS roguelikes that I've seen or tried.

After I spend some more time with it maybe I'll have some more specific feedback, but yeah, good job. :)

Thanks for your comment, glad you like the mod! Keep enjoying and have fun! :)

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Uploaded a minor update of the v3.2e that fixes a small graphic glitch with the Coach Gun; also the Nightly Shade and Ghost Ghoul enemies have been updated (now they're a bit more resistant to player's attacks).

So I recommend all of you downloading again the mod file... Cheerio and have a nice doomsday!

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What does HXRTC stands for? Hexeretic? If so name it differently because the title's misleading and won't spread much interest because this is more of a doom community than it is a Hexen/Heretic community.

What about "Doom Frenzy" or "Frenzy Fresh"?

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And here it comes v3.3! :D

Somehow, I felt in previous releases that there were still a few things missing, so I put my hands on work again and once completed I share it to you as usual. And what's new this time? Ok, let's see:

- New weapon available: the Peashooter. (What, a peashooter now? Really?!) Well yes, why not? This long-shaped pipe will allow you throwing as many darts you want to your enemies, in case the standard ammo is scarce or you're running out of it. In fact, it's another Slot-1 emergency weapon like your fists or chainsaw, but with the benefit to attack at long range, with an unlimited set of harmful darts. You can also use it as a limited-damage club, in case you're surrounded.
- Bestiary increased with five more dangerous enemies: Dart Shooter Zombie (yeah, this one can give you the aforementioned weapon), Supreme Shotgunner (he attacks with an Auto Shotgun, so be very careful), Plasma Gunman Zombie (another rat lab with a powerful plasma gun in his hands), CyberKnight (a-ha, a cybernetic Hell Knight creature, don't take it as a joke or you'll be sorry) and the Viscount of Hell(an advanced flamboyant and fearsome version of the standard Baron of Hell, but as every fire-based enemy, ice is its weakness!).
- A new and green-skinned Auto Shotgun weapon. As powerful as previous grayish version, but with a cooler aspect! :wink:
- Updated HXRTC HUD to v5.4 for keeping compatibility with new weapons.
- Code optimizations and tweaks, and pertinent bugfixings.

And that's all for now, more or less... Keep enjoying and having fun!

J.B.R said:

This mod is a very good fork of WoS, i recommend it for those who wish more variety and weapons.

Thanks for your comment, glad you like it! :)

joe-ilya said:

What does HXRTC stands for? Hexeretic? If so name it differently because the title's misleading and won't spread much interest because this is more of a doom community than it is a Hexen/Heretic community.

What about "Doom Frenzy" or "Frenzy Fresh"?

Well, maybe in future v4.0 release I could change it to HXRTC Doom Project, for example... However, 'HXRTC' is somehow my personal footprint, I wouldn't like to remove it for now...

But anyway I'll consider your name ideas! ;)

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Hi there mates!

The H-Project keeps growing up, and now I have the pleasure to bring you the v3.5 release! (What! Where in hell did you put the v3.4?) Well... It has not been officially released, so for now just forget it... :P

Anyway, this one is a quite major update, and as expected it includes some new and interesting features, and also a lot of bugs have been fixed, as being usual, blah blah blah... (OK, let's be brief and concise, and starting with What's New list at once!)

- Two more new enemies added to the bestiary: Venom Revenant (smoky and toxic greenish skeleton that likes to spit poison bolts to those lost marines) and Chilly Mancubus (an icy version of those flabby-big-fat-butt hell spawns, with two different attack patterns depending on player's proximity).
- A pair of new special monster weapons: the Nightmare Reaper's Double Raygun and the Chilly Mancubus' Ice Bombard! (Really? Yes!!!) Your already plentiful arsenal can be now increased with these two hellish devices. NR's Double Raygun is quite similar to the standard Revenant's Hell Missile Launcher, but instead of shooting fire & ice projectiles, it blasts pretty lethal laser rays (requires Energy Cells to work), and the CM's Ice Bombard is at same time similar to standard Mancubus Flame Cannon, but with the potential of Sub-Zero's favourite type attacks. (You'll need to get Chiller Bolts to put it freezing enemies!)
- Changes in Hell Missile Launcher and Flame Cannon: these special monster weapons now share the same type of ammunition (Gasoil Cans) instead of using their previous own ammo. Evil Warrior Shield keeps using same type of ammo, though (Venom Bottles).
- Added small variants of Gasoil Cans and Venom Bottles: small Gasoil Tins and small Venom Jars. Pick up of them as much you can!
- Updated HXRTC HUD to v5.5 for making it compatible with new monster weapons.
- Several tweaks and bugfixes.

Please update to new version, and also don't forget to report any bugs you encounter! ;)

Keep having fun everyone, and have a nice Doomsday... :)

EDIT: A last-minute fix: in v3.5 the Venom Revenant is affected by poison attacks and that shouldn't happen, so v3.5u1 fixes this issue.

joe-ilya said:

The stock doom ghost faces texture is messed up, it looks corrupted.

Really? I have revised it but I haven't seen any issues. (For example, Doom II's level 30 shows the teleport's wallfaces correctly, same in Ultimate Doom's E2M4 exit area, at least in my case.)

Could you provide a screenshot for checking it?

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A-ha... Yeah, tested and confirmed.

As I've seen, this happens only in last stable version of ZDoom, v2.8.1. Definitely that must be a software renderer bug... But on the other hand, testing with a development build of ZDoom v2.9, we can see the texture glitch is fixed:

So then, updating to a more recent ZDoom dev release could be a good idea...

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Second update of v3.5 now available!

This one corrects some critical bugs present on last previous releases, and hoping I have squished them all for good (for example, Underworld King's long-range fireballs were somehow broken). Also I've optimized a bit some weapon random spawners, specially when you play with Doom 1/Ultimate Doom WADs. For example, and due to the absence of many Doom II monsters in D1/UD, instead of a BFG-X or a Black Hole Maker you could find one or more of the Doom II's special monster weapons (except the Evil Warrior Shield, available if you defeat a CyberWarrior in D1/UD).

Plus, a new special item is available from now: the mysterious Ghostly Black Gem! This unique and pretty rare object will help you in your Doom crusades on a special way: when you pick up one, it will come alive and join you as a magic floating device, following you if possible and in case it encounters any enemies around, it will use its special powers to eradicate them (it can shoot powerful beams at long range, or alternatively using a fierce melee attack). In summary, it can become a helpful ally, specially on those enemy-charged slaughter levels!

Well, that's almost all for now. Time to prepare next release, I presume... ;)

Keep having fun, and have a nice Doomsday! :D

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Hi there doomguys!

Time for a new release of the H-Project, now is the turn of v3.7! (Again? And what you did with v3.6?) Well, like the previous v3.4, it was an experimental release and not been published officially, so just don't worry about it...

And what's new this time? Well, there have been some major and some minor changes as usual, plus the relevant tweakings and bugfixings for keeping improving the mod. The change list? Yeah yeah OK, there it goes, don't be impatient:

- A couple of new cool weapons available! First one: the M24 Sniper Rifle (a pretty wonderful toy, this one will allow you to shoot and bring down your enemies at a very long range, with a very precise aim, including two zoom modes when using the scope, you'll love it for sure!) And second one is... Tadaaaa! Dual Plasma Zapper!!! (Yeah right, after a quite long time I've finally finished the dual wield mode of the old Zappy! So you can pick up a pair of them and blast your closing-way opponents more efficiently. As it's said, better two than one!)
- More fierce enemies to confront: you'll face the Devil Imp (an elite version of the classic standard Imp, it's able to shoot more fireballs and more frequently, so take care), the Pulse Spider (another arachnotronish creature, able to shoot a wide wave of powerful pulse bolts, so kill it fast or you'll be in trouble) and the Giant Wasp

  • (a fearsome and hellish big bug, if you hate insects, you'll have more than one reason to hate this nature aberration).
    - New batch of nazi units: now when you play Wolfenstein-type levels[**] you will confront with Nazi Soldiers (do you remember them from old and new versions of Brutal Doom? Then don't underestimate them or you'll be history), Nazi Commanders (previously Nazi Gunners in old H-Project releases, but now even more dangerous than the Nazi Soldiers, beware!), German Shepherds (old and known Wolf3D four-legged enemy, don't let this dog bite your butt) and Rottweiler (previously Bloodhounds in old H-Project releases, more agile and fast than the German Shepherds, so please don't let them snapjaw your face).
    - From now, most of enemies without a melee attack (Zombies, Pain Elementals, Mancubi, Archviles, etc) will try to elude player's melee attacks.
    - Added an alternate death to Soul Harvester (plus, now is able to use a melee attack like the rest of Imps).
    - Some changes in ammo pickups: for example, Ammo Clip now gives 20 clip units, Pistol Magazine gives 10 bullet units and Rifle Magazine gives 30 rifle-ammo units (among other small changes in Assorted Ammo Boxes).
    - Some new sound effects for Boss Brain/Romero Head (his defeat scream will not be easily forgettable, hehehe...)
    - Now Armour pickups have dynamic lights attached like most of bonus items.
    - Included a new optional addon in main compressed file, check it up for more details!
    - Some other tweaks and minor changes, bugfixings included.

  • This enemy can be spawned in place of Lost Soul enemy types, but ONLY in wild state (so it can't be spitted by Pain Elementals, Hell Necromancers or by the Boss Brain).
    [**] Nazi units now can be spawned in standard levels like normal enemies (Zombies and Demons) even on Doom1/Ultimate Doom levels, but with very reduced probability. (That's it, in general they'll be more rare to find than in Wolfenstein-inspired levels).

    Is that all for now? Maybe... :P

    So long, bye-bye and keep having fun! ;)

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    Yo there Doom comrades, how is it going?

    Just came here to announce another new update of the H-Project, the v3.7 SE release! And what means those 'SE' letters? Well, they simply can mean 'Special Edition', or 'Second Edition', whatever you want... So why did not called it 'update 1' or 'update 2' like some previous releases? OK, it's quite simple, because this one probably will be the last release of the 3.x branch. Yeah. Simple as that.

    But don't be alarmed, that doesn't mean there will not be more updates of the mod at all. So maybe will come someday the v4.0? Well, the fact it's a bit soon to confirm that, 'cause on the other hand I would like to get back to work in some other on-hold projects. I've spent a lot of my time keeping improving and making bigger this mod, and I got the feeling it's time to take a breath and turning page to some old/new things. But I'm not forgetting this mod completely. No way. It will keep being available for all and open to some possible new updates if necessary. Sure you'll understand it...

    So after all, I've prepared a quite big update of the mod, which will serve as temporary 'grand finale', and hoping sincerely all of you will enjoy it. Here is the change list:

    - Introduced a new powerful (and hot) weapon: the Napalm Launcher. As expected, this fire-making tool will become the worst nightmare of most of your enemies, specially those frosty creatures. (But sadly not everything are good news, the stoney foes will keep resisting your flaming attacks!) If you achieve one, you'll have lots of fun, but also you'll have to feed it with Gasoil packs!
    - Again, a group of new opponents have joined the bad guys to slow your progress: Sniper Zombie (you guessed it, he will attack you with a sniper rifle which luckily can be yours), Arsonist Zombie (guessed it too, this one is equipped with a flame thrower that can also be yours if you have luck), Missile Launcher Zombie (again you guessed it, no need to say more, and he is be the most dangerous of the three!), Cacostalker (an ominous white cacodemon-type beast with very bad intentions, so you know what to do when you face it), Panic Elemental (if you hate the Pain Elementals, you'll infinitely hate these relatives from them, they will spawn Lost Souls as if there were no tomorrow) and the Arctic Archer

  • (an undead medieval knight emerged from cold lands, and yes, he will throw you powerful ice arrows, but at least he could drop some useful goodies).
    - Some enemy projectiles changed and/or improved (for example, I replaced the old Medusoid fireballs with new killer wave attacks, the Evil Eyes' fireballs now have trails, and Pulse Spider's bolts have a weaving movement, among others).
    - Improved the explosion of some strong projectiles through adding a shake-screen effect, you'll note it specially when you get near them at the time of impact.
    - Phantasm's death explosion effect has also been improved.
    - Now the Chiller Crossbow has a slightly different skin (no UAC signature, from now it is an hybrid weapon that can be dropped by the Arctic Archer, although it's not completely a special monster weapon).
    - Boss Brain/Romero Head pain and death states improved: now there will be a moderate earthquake effect each time you hurt him, and a very severe earthquake and a big explosion sound when you finally kill him (the quakes will be noticeable if you are near him enough).
    - Improved a bit the Cyberdemon attack behaviour: now this beast is able to shoot from 3 to 5 rockets in a round, instead of always shooting three like in classic Doom.
    - Some changes in wealth behaviour: from now it will be more difficult to obtain the most valuable treasures from the enemies, by reducing their spawning chance and more depending on your luck. (That means you'll have normally to kill more foes for obtaining goodies from Trade Shop Droids).
    - Improved the Proto Blaster bolt shots, now they are a bit more powerful than before.
    - Reduced considerably the size of the mod archive (aproximately from 30% to 40%) through having optimized all graphic files with help of PNGout tool in SLADE, and cleaned/optimized most audio files with Audacity. (Probably you'll have noted it when you downloaded the file...) :D
    - Some more general tweakings and bugfixings.

  • This enemy replaces completely the old (and disgusting) Flesh Wizard. To be honest, I never liked much this rather ugly and annoying creature, so I decided to substitute it with the heartless icy knight.

    Well, for now that's all folks (or almost all). As I said before, this will be the last of the 3.x releases, hoping in a not too far future to release (probably) the 4.0 version of the H-Project. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this Special Edition (or Second Edition, if you prefer) and as usual, I will thank all your feedback, bug reporting or your suggestions/ideas for improving this moddy thing as best possible.

    So then, see you soon and please keep having fun! ;)

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    New revision available for the v3.7 SE, in shape of Update 2.(*) This release fixes some detected errors found in previous versions, at the same time that adds some new elements and significant changes.

    As usual, here is the change list for all of you:

    - Included a new hostile decoration element: the Tesla Coil. These electrical devices are somewhat similar to the unfriendly Evil Eyes, but normally only you will find them on tech-environment levels. As expected, they will spawn at you dangerous electric sparks; so when you encounter them, better be shot until their destruction. (At least they are weaker and perhaps less common than those Evil Eyes!)
    - Significant improvement on all Trade Shop Droids: now once you talk to them they will spawn at regular intervals a sign, showing what they are selling/offering and its price cost. (Useful for many situations, specially to avoid spending your money in unwanted items/powerups!)
    - Now all the zombie monsters and human nazi units have a special fire death; if you (or an infight enemy) throw a fire-based projectile or a flame attack, they will be surrounded by flames and roasted to death. Toasty! :grr:
    - Included a new Announcer voice (Skulltag/Zandronum style) that will report aloud the picking up of most important/fancy items & power-ups.
    - The Z-Gun's primary fire is now 100% precise, and its firepower has been raised a little.
    - Fixed a bug that was causing the Chilly Mancubus not spawning his dropped items when dying. (Maybe you were missing the Ice Bombard weapon on your adventures, but now the issue is solved!)
    - All the seeker missiles (both the player ones and enemy ones) have a more precise trajectory, so it will be harder leading them to crash on the ground or on ceilings (accuracy of each one remains untouched).
    - Some other minor tweakings and bugfixes.

    Highly advisable updating to this new release, no need even to say it...

    Hoping you keep enjoying with the H-Project. Please keep having fun, and have a nice doomsday! 8-)

    (*): By unknown reasons, I couldn't post here in Doomworld Forums all about H-Project Update 1 on 17th Jun 2016, so I'm putting the changelog of that release as reference info in spoilers:


    - Two new weapons added to player's arsenal: the Z-Gun (a basic laser pistol with some similarities to the Plasma Zapper but weaker firepower, with the advantage that is provided with infinite ammo; this will be from now your starting weapon instead of the classic Beretta) and the Venom Monsters' Toxic Wand (a new special monster weapon, once you get one you will be able to shoot poisonous bolts to your enemies much faster than with the Evil Warrior's Shield, you can obtain it from every venom-based enemy from the mod, but the spawning rate is VERY low, so consider yourself lucky if you find one).
    - As described above, the Beretta is no longer your starting weapon; instead you will always be equipped with the faithful Z-Gun. It will allow you to finish those initial enemy hordes until you find more powerful weapons and ammo for them.
    - Giant Wasp's attack improved: now this loathsome insect is able to spit some poison drops from its sting (but at least it will not use it at very long range; one more reason to kill them as soon as possible).
    - Fixed some errors in Trade Shop Droids: the Peashooter vendor was selling by mistake the Butcher's Axe, and the M24 Sniper Rifle vendor was somehow missing (yeah my fault, sorry for the inconvenience).
    - The Peashooter weapon now spits poisonous darts, at the same time that the evil Dart Shooter girl's projectiles have gained the same toxic ability, so beware with her!
    - Fixed some missing dynamic lights on some items and projectiles.
    - New rise-up sound for the Evil Warrior's Shield.
    - Updated HXRTC HUD to recent v7.0 release, maintaining the renewed graphic style and compatibility with the new featured weapons.
    - Other minor tweaks and bugfixings.

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    Posted (edited)

    How do i open Mystery Boxes in this mod, what key should i press ?

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