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Sound buffers?

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One thing has always bothered me about id Tech 4 games - Doom 3, Quake 4, and Prey specifically; Wolfenstein doesn't seem to have this problem - and that's the way rapid-fire weapons sound. Under sustained fire, the machine gun, chaingun, and plasma rifle all sound as if they're "missing" their firing sounds every few shots. Other things suffer from this, too, like footstep noises. I suspect it's a problem with the sound buffer size and response times, but I can't find any console variables to set to fix it. Does anybody know anything about that?

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The machine gun, chain gun, and plasma gun all have it where the sounds are not evenly spaced so you get slight pauses. Unlike most repeating sounds in the game, it can't be solved by making the sounds themselves longer because it's stopping and starting playback of a sound or group of sounds from a sound shader. I'm guessing it's some limitation with the sound engine itself, because I've used different sound configurations over the years, using OpenAL, not using OpenAL, different numbers of speakers, messing with buffers, and I've never gotten rid of it.

You might ask the dhewm3 source port developers about it.

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