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Da Eediot

How Do You Stop An Enemy From Shooting Through Walls?

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Make sure the line points outwardly into the room and mark it impassable if needed, and as above do NOT use double sided lines for walls. Draw in the other direction.

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I think possible like this:
Even if a projectile gets through a wall, the additional outside sectors should stop it.

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I don't know what you are trying to do, kuchitsu. Those sectors are not needed because the walls in that map already have thickness, so projectiles cannot get through them. Da Eediot is trying to make walls with no thickness at all. There needs to be some void space in the walls to make them proper walls. Otherwise, they are windows with a texture on them that blocks the players view, but not the monsters' view. Even if you use ZDoom's Doom-in-Hexen format and mark the lines with Blocks Everything, it is still not a wall. It then becomes a bullet-proof glass window.

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Empyre said:

I don't know what you are trying to do, kuchitsu.

It was a sort of knowledge-based joke - it's a correct answer to the topic question as it literally stands, but such one that the OP couldn't possibly understand or find helpful. It's related to another discussion on this forum from some time ago, where these sectors within walls were proposed as a working solution for the Mancubus fireball clipping bug (Mancubus fireballs can semi-randomly pass 1-sided linedefs and go through walls because their thing radius is too short for their high movement speed).

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