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Any Doom 3 abridged or director's cut mods?

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I love Doom 3. In 2004 it rocked my face, and the quicker BFG edition (and especially Resurrection of Evil) have also entertained me in recent years.

I wonder if anybody has made some sort of abridged or spiced up version of Doom3, cutting out some of the story sections, maybe adding a few more monsters and ammo, etc. And maybe throwing the RoE super shotgun in there.

I have seen trailers for a Redux mod that appears mostly cosmetic. Just wondering if anybody has messed with the campaign in any fun ways in the past 12 years? Plus if something like that existed, I might blast through it in anticipation for the new DOOM (along with the usual rocking of classic Doom2 WADs as well). Thanks!

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Well I made a mod that adds the Double Barrel Shotgun into Doom 3 vanilla and it works for the most part. I played up to Delta Labs 2 so far without any issues.

As for other stuff, I would assume some Doom 3 campaign mods might be up your alley. Check on ModDb maybe?

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