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General Rainbow Bacon

Iron Maiden Book of Souls tour

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Dammit, they came closest to me in Illinois, but that's passed. Ah well, I'm seeing another favorite band (Def Leppard and their new album) so that'll make up for it.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

Just saw them last night.

It was fucking awesome. If you're a Maiden fan, find out if they're going to be near you and go. You won't be disappointed.



I just got back from them in Denver a couple days ago. Man was that a fucking show these guys are like in there late 50's and can still kickass. I lost my shit when they played The Trooper.

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Yeah the Denver show was awesome. They will definitely be around for more albums and tours, they haven't lost anything and it looks like they are all still having a blast performing.

Up the Irons!

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Hopefully catching them at Download Festival in June if I can get my medical crap sorted out in time.

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Olroda said:

I too, must wait until June until they get where I live. Looking forward to it!

...And I finally got to see them last Friday. Awesome, to say the least!
There were plenty of songs from the new album, which I didn't mind. I somehow ended up behind the tall people's club (I'm well over six feet myself, but they were not far from seven), but I eventually found a spot from where I had a better view.

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