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Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

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Hmmmm... Never learned good bye blue sky properly before, but I can do "is there anybody out there"..... Sabbath is a good fall back for a classic rock bar, but I'm thinking more War Pigs and Iron Man... Time to get my best Ozzy voice on!

/e whenever I start playing Goodbye Blue Sky, I default into Fade To Black... Maybe not such a bad thing!

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Well I'm here and it's been much ado about nothing... No equipment arrived and no people either. On the plus side I'm very drunk and it's a cool bar so win win I guess!

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MrDeAD1313 said:

This is awesome

Almost reminds me of a more serious 'She Wants Revenge' type thing. Really digging it :)

Thanks man! :D

I never heard about 'She Wants Revenge'. The main inspiration for this track was 'The Pink Room' by David Lynch

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I've recently started a YouTube channel ~ I only have three of my tracks on there, and one of them is marked as private because quite a few of my friends were finding the channel.

So... that one won't be listed here.

Also, one of them is kinda... eh. I'M give you a hint: it's the one with "pizza" in the title.
"Life on the Moon"

YouTube link
Here's what I guess you would call an ambient chiptune? It tries to capture both the wonder and loneliness of being in space.

"Perfectly Melted Margherita Pizza"

YouTube link
This is just a kind of silly little synth-based 80's-esque dancey track. If you're wondering how it got its absurd name, check the video description.

These two tracks don't really reflect the genre of music I hope to be centered around, but they're all I have in my portfolio so far. The genre of music I'll mainly be making in future will ideally be Halozy-style progressive trance and 8-bit chiptunes.

[EDIT]: Oh btw both of these are on SoundCloud if anyone's interested

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@Eris Falling
I love both of these! Stardust makes me picture a dude in sunglasses riding around a hoverboard in space (for some reason)! Love the instrument choices.
With a more sombre tone, I like the soothing feel of Tears of the Wanderer. It really makes me feel as though I'm at the end of a great journey... and the only one who'll remember it is me.

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I have a bunch of stuff all over the place. Some of it is horrible some of it has a few good parts here and there.

These two songs are from a project where I would make a song as quick as I could. I didn't have a PC at the time. Everything was recorded on my cellphone and then played through my kindle through speakers and redubbed again and again. The quality is pretty ass, but I did what I could do with what I had at the time.


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really gonna hate myself in the morning or something lol, also bugged video lenght

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In short, I tried to make a Mario Kart tune.

Just imagine people flinging Bob-ombs around in a tiny arena in the sky and it'll fit... really well. I think.

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