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Doomworld Musicians, serenade us with your beautiful music!

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23 hours ago, Egg Boy said:

Bruh that's super interesting because I also produce trap with retro synths, I use Synth-1 as well. I've been calling it "Synth-trap." Here's a sampler.

Nice man! I dig this stuff.

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Posted (edited)

Hi, pretty new to this thread. Not much in the tone of what you've been posting recently (I make mostly soundtracks and industrial music) but here's a fresh track for a boss fight I just made.

It's "epic" and with a lot of percussion just like the trends dictate these days (sorry, was raised into the tradition of the nineties for soundtracks).

Edited by jupiter_ex

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Finally after a loooooooooong time I managed to get sort of close to that 80s post-punk/gothic rock sound. Quite happy with the result.

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2 hours ago, Rampy470 said:

Do mashups count?


Why would they not count?

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A new ambient improv piece I did on my Korg Minilogue.


The track consists of two parts. The first part is a bassline that I programmed with the synth's built-in sequencer, which I then improvised a lead part over.


What you're hearing here is the Minilogue completely unprocessed. No additional processing has been applied, aside from some tape saturation on the master bus.



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Hope to pick up the musical endeavors again aswell, since its definitely been a while.


About a year ago around this period I often used to go to a lake nearby during the evening, sat down on the rocks and take in everything with my sences. From the flowing streams to the autumn breezes while the stars slowly revealed themselves one by one in the evening sky.




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I just reset my shop's contents and deleted all the excess nonsense extra albums that weren't even linked up to the index that would show during discography.


I am certain I've posted this here a few times, but it's new again! http://noisebox1.bandcamp.com
It still has the Project Warlock OST sampler and lost track that didn't make the DLC.


I am also working on a place to house all the information to my stuff, but it isn't ready yet. It's bookmarkable though if people still do that: http://www.jerrylehr.com


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