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sephiroth segal to E1M1 music

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man these last two weeks have spwaned several ass kicking dreams. this one was less doom like but more like a steven segal movie( with E1M1 playing during action sences) in this dream i was an undercover cop with a badass weapons collection. the dream starts out with me sitting in a some bar owned by the mob. it is full of drug dealers and mob memebers. the only innocent person was a woman how was forced to make a delivery by here insane boyfriend. anyway as soon as i seen deals going down i leave a nasty package at my table and get the girl out. then i place 3 more bombs out side. i minute later BOOM, E1M1 music. then i go to the store to meet with an informant, while doing that my car is robbed. however when i see this i know it is not normal cause all the money is there. so i call for backup, however before i can finish dialing a police car is behind me and a guy gets out and says "need help" (the guy is really the girls boyfriend)anyway i think it is odd that he shows up so i dont get out of the car and i lock the doors. he then gets out and tries toget in, E1M8 music, anyway i floor it and get to the other side to the parking lot. he drives after me but i fire my big ass gun at him. the bullet hits his shoulder and he flips the car. he climbs out only to meet my boot in his bloody face. before i beat him to death he says he was the girls kid held hostage at a cocaine lab in an abandoned warehouse in the city. i floor it to the city, to quake2 music this time, and find the building. to make a long story short i bust some crack head heads, get the kid, and leave a nice big bomb. Boom, level end music, girl thanks me and now she is my girl. the end of a movie that reminds me of most steven segal movies

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go commies, hey there is a school team near her called the commies. i also heard of a school team called the whities, their mascot is a white guy. that school is protesting the use of ethnic groups as mascots, i tend to agree with them

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