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Your Musician and FX guy here ;)

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Hello Zauberer community! I have been in contact with Eric for a while. (Is he project leader? Never asked him :P)

I decided to join your project for a number of reasons.

1) It will make me grow as a musician
2) I like helping out where I can.
3) I will put "my touch" into a collective creation.
4) It might boost my fanbase.
5) I needed a goal.
6) I'm a plain nice guy. ;)

So helping out here isn't only good for me...
- It's good for you as well! :)

I will also make most, if not all of the sound-effects that will be used in Zauberer!

- I am open to inspiration from every angle, any suggestions of tunes I should listen to, instruments I can use, audio files (fx) that you might provide (credit will be given as a matter-of-course) sites where one can download effects, advice on basically everything - give it to me!

I hope we will make a great product and I am happy to be working with you!

- Cheers my new companions!

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Well, I hope you can creat some demonish stuff then, that would kill the player just hearing it ;)

And yeah, the first time I saw a Cacodemon, it had a heavy impact on me. It seemed smaller on the DooM-pic, but was in the real combat a damn gigant, and scary...

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Oh yes, I can. I have friends whom are singers, and some of them can make som REAL growling sounds. Pitch that down, and you have a Cacodemon right there! :D

I am also good at using my voice to make "scary" sounds. :)

BTW, I have made a pack of upgrades to be used with DooM, DooM II, Ultimate DooM, TNT, Plutonia, I however use the BFG-WAD's of DooM and DooM II that you can only get if you buy a DooM-Bundle with Steam.

This pack is - hear this - over 600MB! I have upgraded every aspect of DooM. It is as far from Vanilla as it "physically" can be. It is almost a new game except for the scripts and maps. Those are the ONLY things used from the WADs without modification.

I use the WADs and mods with Doom Engine. HD-Sound, HD-Textures, HD-Music, >ALL< Sprites replaced with MD2(?) 3D-Models, this includes the weapon in your hands... And your hands.

It is a completely new way of experiencing a classic. I call "my" collection of mods "Hyper-DooM" and I will soon make a LEGAL Torrent out of it, so anyone can download it! :D

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Welcome guys!

I look forward to be working together with you on Zauberer! :)

Yes, I am the Project leader.

I also look forward to "Hyper-DooM", sure that will be awesome! :)

Best Regards Eric "Cire" Söderberg

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