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how do I make 2 sectors share the same sound?

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I'v two buildings that are apart from each other. I'v made deaf lines to stop combat from the outside from rileing up the monsters inside. Once in last room for building (A), It triggers a monster closet in building (B) wich happens to have 3 Cacos, How do I (or can I) Make A and B share sound so the said Cacos can come after the player without seeing him? Thank you in advanced and sorry I could not find in google or thread search.

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Select both sectors, push button "j"

This will join both sectors, causing them to share ALL properties; this may not be what you want if you want different sector heights, flats, effects, or tags, and can sometimes make monsters do funny things.

As an alternative, sound tunnels are a next-to perfect way to transfer sound anywhere. Their only limitation is that you cannot run a tunnel over-top of another sector.

If this is the case you should use a combination of both; join 2 small, hardly noticeable sectors and sound-tunnel as needed. Or you can make a dummy sector connected to another dummy sector, then join each dummy with one of the respective sectors to transfer sound. This will cause sound to travel through the first sector, go through the joined dummy sector, into the other dummy sector, and over to that second dummy sectors joined "main" sector, if that makes sense.

After rereading your post, I'm not so sure how complicated this is. Is this just a teleport-monster closet? If so, put it in the wall right next to the building it's triggered in and make a short sound-tunnel, as the closet's location doesn't matter.

Well if this don't help post a pic or the wad and I'll hook you up.

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I was being dumb and the cacos were still deaf. but thank you so much for the reply, this will be great information when I get better at mapping. Thank you again. (edit) ya when I tried sector joining it made some crazy homs.

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MrGlide said:

(edit) ya when I tried sector joining it made some crazy homs.

You must count with the fact that if you join sectors, they will literally become one sector (consisting of disjoint areas), and being one sector means that it only has one floor height, one ceiling height, one brightness level etc. If the sectors you've joined had different heights/brightnesses/etc each, the resulting joined sector will inherit properties of the first selected sector for its entire area, while properties of the other sectors will be discarded. That's how those formerly-independent sectors may get their heights drastically change (possibly creating "walls" out of linedefs with missing lower/upper textures and therefore HOMs) if non-carefully joined with another sector with different floor or ceiling heights.

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Aren't sound tunnels redundant? You can join two sectors belonging to the two areas, without them needing to be main playable areas. The only use of sound tunnels is aesthetic: the player can actually see that there's a hole that lets sound propagate easily between areas.

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