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Speaking of Unreal...

It seemed another ship crashed on the planet some time ago with a reptile-like group who has since dominated the Nali (who are now looking for the "savior" promised long ago). Guess who they think that is? Isn't it interesting how the world continues to mirror the concept of a savior but can't see the truth in what our Lord Jesus brought us through His short time on earth?

And your favorite...

Playing this game for one hour may be acceptable. Playing for many hours could be cause for anxiety and/or depression. Playing for hundreds of hours is getting you ready to take action against anyone who gets in your way. Doom receives a 41% (F) due to the abundance of violence, gore, and occult influence.

Doesn't this just annoy you?

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WTF!!! Not all christians are fruity like that ! I sure in the hell am not ! Some people take religeons too seriously !!

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Anybody read the WADster interview with Chris Lutz at DoomCenter? He's right, the Bible itself has so much more blood, gore and violence than modern entertainment, these people deserve to be laughed at even by other Christians who actually know how to handle their beliefs.

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