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One in a Million-single map wad

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Hello folks. Made this back in 2015, it was going to be the end of the first episode of my 'magnum opus', a big wad i titled "Duel". Lots of experimental stuff went into this wad, alot of it pretty unique, but unfortunately it was probably just too experimental for a first timer like me. After stopping the work completely, barely squeezing out that doomworld community map project thing (clear line drawn), i've realized i will probably never finish it. So, here is the best map from the 12+ half and quarter finished maps. Was originally map05.

...Earth is losing the war against hell's forces, and already in occupied territory genocide factories are springing up...

...Assault the local regions factory and enter the local controller's brain to access the enemies main neural network...

...failure to infiltrate and destroy the neural network will mean certain defeat for humanity as we know it...

Pretty slaughter-ish, but not to (major) extremes, something like 820 monsters. I dont think theres any difficulty compatibility. Only tested with zandronum, made with UDMF. some missing textures, pretty minor.

LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzhq0ww3v8yl9m7/DUEL-one%20in%20a%20million.wad?dl=0

I deleted all the textures and stuff but if you are curious you can check out the map names and the intermission text. I also left in the title and the intermission screen. If anyone is curious about my big goddamn storyline, shoot a question or something. ALSO: in the off chance anyone might want to look in the scraps of the partial levels, I might post them later on like memfis did a while back. Thanks for reading this far.

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